2019 Road & Street Maintenance Supervisors' Conference
Monday Opening Keynote

Impacts of Distracted Driving - Shelley Forney

Keeping Yourself Safe: Spotting Distracted Drivers
Sgt. James Prouty
Washington State Patrol

For 17 years, Sergeant James Prouty has proudly served as a commissioned officer with the Washington State Patrol (WSP).  Currently, Sgt. Prouty works in the Government and Media Relations Division at WSP Headquarters in Olympia. Prior to that, he served as a sergeant in Thurston County. For more than a year, Sgt. Prouty served in the Executive Mansion detachment overseeing the physical and electronic security at the Governor’s Mansion and Health Care Authority.   Since 2005, Sgt. Prouty has served on the WSP SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team. As a team leader, Sgt. Prouty has been involved in numerous high-risk, rapidly evolving emergent situations.  During his WSP career, Sgt. Prouty also served as a physical fitness and active shooter instructor at the WSP Academy. In 1999, Sgt. Prouty earned an Associate of Science Degree from Pierce College.

Sgt. Prouty will discuss how to keep crews safe from distracted drivers, both on the worksite and off the clock. Learn how to spot distracted drivers, and how to avoid being a distracted driver yourself.

Wednesday Closing Keynotes
Disasters: What to Expect 
Eric Holdeman, Director, Center for
Regional Disaster Resilience, Pacific Northwest Economic Region

Disasters are a matter of fact for the Pacific Northwest. We can expect more disasters in our immediate and long-term futures. The recent Cascadia Rising 2016 Earthquake Exercise highlighted some of the challenges associated with a regional disaster that spans multiple regions and states. What can we expect to be the impacts for mega disasters and how will our governments, infrastructures and society respond to these events? This topic and the challenge of critical infrastructure interdependencies during catastrophic events will be the subject of this session and how government and average citizens can expect to respond to these events.

  How We Responded to Our Last Disaster 
Doug McCormick, Interim Director, Transportation and Environmental Services and Dave Schonhard, Operations Manager, Solid Waste Division, Snohomish
County Department of Public Works

Dave Schonhard and Doug McCormick with Snohomish County Public Works will share their experience with the response and recovery efforts to the SR 530 mudslide that occurred in March 2014. Doug spent several weeks managing the Engineering Field Office during the initial response to the event and his division of Public works is responsible for coordinating the reimbursement of federal funds through FEMA and the Washington State Military department. Dave and his team lead the development of debris removal plans and strategy. They also coordinated the contract with the Public Works Construction section to administer the complicated and sensitive cleanup efforts on site.