35EPS - European Peptide Symposium
Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh, UK

IMAP 2018 is a satellite meeting to the 35th European Peptide Symposium.

IMAP 2018 will cover both the antimicrobial activity of peptides as well as their role in regulation and modulation of the immune system.

Conference Co-Chairs
Steven Cobb, Durham University, UK
Julia Dorin, University of Edinburgh, UK

Organising Committee
Kai Hilpert, St. Georges University of London, UK
Ralf Hoffmann, Leipzig University, Germany
Karl Lohner, University of Graz, Austria
Edwin Veldhuizen, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Scientific Programme
• Design, synthesis and mode of action of AMPs / HDPs, including:
• Immunomodulatory aspects
• Biophysical aspects
• Human and veterinary therapeutic applications of AMPs / HDPs
• Role of AMPs / HDPs in fertility and reproduction
• Peptide biomaterials, peptide-polymer hybrids
• Susceptibility testing of AMPs

Abstract submission will be available from January 2018.

Confirmed Speakers
Annelise Barron, Stanford School of Medicine, USA
Margaret Brimble, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Matthew Cooper, University of Queensland, Australia
Kieran Meade, Teagasc, Ireland