35EPS - European Peptide Symposium
Dear colleagues and friends in the worldwide peptide community

The 35th edition of the European Peptide Society symposium, 35EPS, is well on the move! We are happy that this symposium signals the expansion of our society’s sphere of influence into a so far unvisited EPS member nation. With a rich cultural heritage, a forward-looking society and, more to the point, a dynamic biotech sector, Ireland is an ideal location for talking shop on peptides in the 21st century. In continuation of the highly successful 34EPS in Leipzig, to be followed by equally enticing calls in Barcelona (2020) and Florence (2022), this upcoming 35EPS promises to be a unique opportunity to learn about the ever-growing impact of peptide research in a multitude of scientific areas, to share your own results and interests, and to build productive professional ties with like-minded scientists on a worldwide scale. Assisted by capable scientific and program committees, Prof. Chandralal Hewage, the symposium chair, is planning not only a first-rate scientific event but has also arranged for top-notch conference facilities, including affordable accommodation, and for an attractive social program.

On behalf of the European Peptide Society, I urge you to include 35EPS in your list of must-do future events, so I look forward to greeting you personally in Dublin, August 26-31, 2018 !!

With best personal regards
David Andreu
President, European Peptide Society