35EPS - European Peptide Symposium
European Peptide Society (EPS) Bursaries
A substantial number (~100) of registration bursaries funded by the European Peptide Society will be available to young scientists (PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows) for attending the 35EPS. Bursaries will be applied toward a significant (~€150) reduction in the registration fee.

How to apply for an EPS Bursary

1. Applicants are required to apply for the above by ticking the appropriate box in the registration page.
    i. I would like to apply for a registration bursary.
2. Applicants are required to submit a brief CV (half-page) that includes a special section “why do I require a registration bursary” (half-page) and a letter from the applicant’s supervisor. Submit a single 2-page pdf document by combining the CV and supervisor’s letter to the following email by 17th May.
3. Bursary applications will be evaluated by the European Peptide Society Scientific Affairs Sub-committee and a final decision will be notified by 31st May.
4. Student bursary reimbursements will only be distributed during the 35EPS.

PDF document name: FirstName-DateOfBirth (dd/mm/yy)-bursary
eg. paul-010983-bursary

Email Header / Subject line: bursary

Email address for submitting your application: eps2018.science@ucd.ie