M2M Forum® 2012
Why attend:
M2M Forum is a one-of-a-kind technical conference, for MIG members, with a focus on tackling critical MEMS commercialization challenges. M2M Forum is a place for neutral discussion of pre-competitive issues affecting MEMS manufacturing. M2M Forum, brings together foundries, equipment vendors, research groups, large companies, start-ups, buyers, suppliers, and other stakeholders for solutions knowledge, networking and resources to support your company’s imminent MEMS commercialization needs.
M2M Forum provides you with:
  • An opportunity for collaboration, technical solutions, and standardization that improves communication of stakeholders in the supply chain and forges a path to a high level of acceptance of MEMS. 
  • Access to a broad spectrum of supply chain companies. At M2M Forum you'll learn about your customers' (and your customers' customers) requirements for current and next generation products. 

  • An efficient and concise way to proto-market and gain market intelligence. M2M Forum gives you instant access to the MEMS ecosystem so that you may capture the "state of the art."

  • Smart business development. M2M Forum provides you with access to the thought leaders of the MEMS industry.
M2M forum is 
  • Action-oriented with a goals and deliverables for MIG and the MEMS industry
  • Iterative and enables the MEMS industry take a stand
  • YOUR annual members meeting!