M2M Forum® 2012
Thursday, May 10, 2012
On Thursday morning, attendees will have the pleasure of having breakfast and touring ACUTRONIC’s facility, located just a few minutes away from the conference venue. ACUTRONIC is a leader in the development, design and manufacture of precision motion simulators for the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries. Their motion simulators are used for testing and calibration of inertial sensors (e.g. gyroscopes and accelerometers), Inertial Navigation Systems, stabilized electro-optical systems, Electronic Stability Control systems as well as for simulating flight motion of missiles. Transportation will be provided.
7:00 AM Meet in the Renaissance Lobby for ACUTRONIC Site Visit
7:15 AM Bus departs the Renaissance
7:30 AM Breakfast and ACUTRONIC Site Visit
9:15 AM Bus departs ACUTRONIC