M2M Forum® 2012

Pre-Conference Research

In the months leading up to M2M Forum, MIG is conducting interviews for case studies, launching an industry-wide survey and offering a series of webinars on topics related to MEMS New Product Development. All of this research will be available to attendees of M2M Forum in their conference workbook and will be available to all MIG members in the MIG resource library after the event.

MEMS Education Series Webinars

The following webinars are open to the entire MEMS industry and MIG members may download the presentations in the MIG resource library.
April 27, 2012 - Market Pull vs. Technology Push

Presented by Jim Knutti, Ph.D., CEO, Acuity Incorporated, Eric Levy-Myers, MIG Consultant, and Mike Mignardi, Ph.D., Manager, Energy Harvesting, Texas Instruments.

February 23, 2012 - MEMS Technology Development - An Overview of a MEMS Product Development Life Cycle Template

Presented by Tina Lamers, Director of Marketing & Lead Engineer, Avago Technologies and Valerie Marty, MEMS Integration, HP

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Concurrent Design to Achieve High Performance and Low Cost: Case Study of a MEMS Automotive Pressure Sensor Design

Presented by David DiPaola, Managing Director, DiPaola Consulting
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Improving Performance of New MEMS Designs: An Insider’s Look at imec’s SiGe above-IC MEMS Technology Platform

Presented by Simone Severi, Team Leader, MEMS Integration Group, imec
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MIG sent an industry-wide survey in March 2012 to determine the MEMS industry’s topic commercialization challenges.


MIG interviewed a variety of MEMS companies about MEMS new product development. Results will be available to attendees of M2M Forum.

Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: February 29, 2012

MEMS Industry Group® launched its first call for papers for technical paper on MEMS New Product Development to be part of the research materials for this year’s M2M Forum: Focus on MEMS New Product Development.

  • The paper abstracts were judged by MIG’s Technical Advisory Committee. 
  • The top authors were given free registration to M2M Forum and the papers will be included in the M2M Forum conference materials.
  • The author of the best paper, Mary Ann Maher, CEO, SotMEMS was invited to present the paper at M2M Forum

Steering Committee

MIG would like to that its M2M Forum steering committee for its hard work over the past several months to organize and lead the research for this event. Without their hard work and great ideas, M2M Forum would not be possible.