National Conference on Operations Fulfillment







Your distribution center is critical in ensuring timely delivery of parts and products to manufacturing facilities, or to your customers. In this track, learn how to negotiate parcel contracts, calculate specific operational metrics, and identify new technologies that will enhance your bottom line and help you achieve superior performance in your distribution center.








Customer experience is a competitive battleground and delivering great customer service is needed to retain their loyalty. This track delves into listening to the voice of the customer, providing great service, acting on their opinions and feedback. Don't miss the latest way to use social media to engage interest and build a loyal customer. See which combination of offline and online communication, call center quality, eCenter and outsourcing is the perfect blend for your business.








The market today offers many substantial benefits and resources outside the walls of your warehouse. The Material Handling track will cover topics that will help you: determine the efficiency of your warehouse, select the proper packing materials and cost effective vendors, green your operations, and recognize current practical shipping strategies to optimize your warehouse productivity and performance. Not only will you grasp the latest technologies and automated systems available, but also learn to devise a plan that will result in the fastest ROI possible.






Every successful business knows that a key component of the company is a positive balance between its managers and employees. In this track, you will learn how to cultivate an environment of proactive leaders, develop an efficient workforce by hiring and maintaining staff with great potential, and create efficient communication between departments to maintain organizational effectiveness.





Want to know everything you need to know on how to run an efficient operation? Learn how to best position your company's operation systems to handle an evolving business climate. This track will teach you to maximize the efficiency in carrier contracts, evaluate current operations management software systems and reduce expenses.