National Conference on Operations Fulfillment


Framework For the Future: Customer Evolution 

Tuesday, April 5 (8:00AM - 9:00AM)

Phil Terry, CEO, Creative Good

What can we learn from the past few years? What can we expect for the future to ensure growth in your company? Phil Terry, a highly engaging business leader and social entrepreneur, is a customer centric guru who will share with you how to hold the key of success for your company.

Understand the current evolution of brands, customer experience and culture happening right now. Through the combined insights from economics, history, engineering, mathematics and the art to challenge and inspire, be prepared to navigate your operation & fulfillment business successfully. Phil will unravel the role customer-centric executives play in leading the growth of companies and helping ignite growth in this growing economy.
Phil Terry, CEO, Creative Good
In Your GRIP:  What  Matters  Most
Wednesday, April 6 (8:30AM - 9:30AM)
Inspired leader, visionary and marketer, Kurt Baxter will share his invaluable insights on a deeper level of the human heart and how our unique perspectives can positively or negatively impact the workplace, our productivity, and fulfillment. Everyone desires both personal and professional fulfillment, yet many never really experience it. In this expansive and engaging presentation, attendees will learn via examples that are practical as it is inspirational for all aspects of work and life. Kurt utilizes a memorable acronym, GRIP and shares the bedrock foundation for success in the workplace and for life. You'll walk away knowing how to hire for attitude and train for skill, how to inspire creativity, innovation and passion that will encourage, challenge and equip you and your staff to be a better person, employee and team member.