mHealth Summit Europe 2015

On this page you will find all press and media activities around the mHealth Summit 2015.


mHealth Summit and eHealth Week Join Forces  - September 2014

Registration is now open for eHealth Week and mHealth Summit Europe  - December 2014

EU mHealth Consultation Results? Find out in Riga! - January 2015

Be a part of the world's largest mHealth market - February 2015

Jen Hyatt speaks out on mHealth challenges and the future of HIT - April 2015

Which country in Europe is ready to adopt mHealth? - April 2015

Is intensive telemedicine a care model of the future? - April 2015

Press and Media:

What answers does health IT hold for the EU Baltic Region? - Blog article, December 2014

mHealth at the Heart of Discussion with Policy Makers at eHealth Week & mHealth Summit Europe - Press Release, February 2015

mHealth: Closing the Clinical and Consumer Gap - Press Release, April 2015

Related Articles:

European Commission consultation leads to call for greater security for those using mHealth applications - Press Release, January 2015

Power to the patient: How mobile technology is improving healthcare - Report, The Economist, 2015


Professor Heinrich Körtke MD: An Interview with a Pioneer of German Telemedicine - Interview, February 2015

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