mHealth Summit Europe 2015

What's in it for me? 
Here is why YOU should attend the mHealth Summit Europe:

See who will be there:

For Providers, Hospitals, Clinicians
  • Learn about how to deal with mHealth solutions successfully in your  organization and manage issues such as change- and process management, data safety, legal and policy requirements
  • Learn from best practice how to successfully implement mHealth solutiuons in your organiatzion to achieve tangible outcomes
  • Understand the relevance of mHealth for your organization and how you can grow and develop  your organization with mHealth
For Policy Makers and the Public Health Sector
  • Take the stage to discuss the Green Paper on mHealth, its findings and  implicaitons on the future direction of mHealthin Eruope
  • Present your  mHealth agendas and initiatives for 2015
  • Benchmark your initiatives with others on a global an international level and see whether they can serve as role models 
For Industry and Vendors
  • Present and showcase your mHealth offerings and solutions
  • Learn how to build successful commercial cases for your products, applications and services and how to comply with policy and regulatory requirements
  • Gain access to the European mHealth market and to fundholders, public and private projects and business partners; 
  • Get insight on where the mHealth market in Europe is going to from initiaitves such as the mHealth Green Paper
For Payers and Insurances
  • Separate the hype from the  useful: get an understanding of mHealth services that really matter and how to identify them 
  • Learn how to align the mHealth with patient management to obtain true return on investment
  • Learn from best practice from around the world and understand if they can serve as a role  model for you 
For Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Learn how mHealth can enable you to create meaningful services “beyond the pill”
  • Obtain knowledge on how mHealth can enhance drug compliance and safety and lead to better outcomes
  • Meet needed cooperation and service partners you need to implement and operate mobile solutions and services and experience best practice
For Patients and Patient Organizations
  • Provide patient organizations with an overview of meaningful and save solutions
  • Share patients’ needs with the decision makers in the mHealth Community
  • Bring in user requirements and influence the future roadmmap of mHealth from the patients’ and users’ perspective
Telecom Operators and Mobile Network Operators
  • Understand how mHealth can play an important part to create new business models to offer high-value mobile services beyond  pure data traffic, voice  and network infrastructure
  • Meet with the mHealth value chain partners you need to implement and operate mHealth services
  • Get educated on how to identify the relevant mHealth services, create go-to-market models and business cases and experience best practice