mHealth Summit Europe 2015

Top 10 reasons to attend the mHealth Summit Europe

  1. See how mHealth will change core delivery in the future
  2. Learn from a faculty of world class speakers what is next in mHealth
  3. Network with key stakeholders and build your partner ecosystem
  4. Get an understanding of how mHealth impacts your work in the future
  5. Learn how to make mHealth a reality
  6. Discover how to successfully market your mHealth products and services
  7. Leave with an insight into building sustainable business models for mHealth
  8. Get smarter on how to manage changing care processes and organizational change
  9. Learn how to achieve certification for your mHealth products and services
  10. Share best practice with game-changing start-ups and create new business opportunities

Who is coming?

The mHealth Summit Europe aims to bring together over 350 global leaders in government, the private sector, industry, academia, providers and not-for-profit organizations from across the mHealth ecosystem. A distinguished faculty of international experts and opinion leaders will address and discuss the themes such as: Data Safety, mHealth and Mobility in Hospitals, and mHealth Usability from the Users Perspective. The event contributes to advance cross-disciplinary collaboration in the use of mHealth to improve health outcomes in Europe. 

Here is the breakdown of last year's attendance to the mHealth Summit Europe: