Submission Dates: January 15, 2018 through March 30, 2018
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**Please read ALL guidelines as incomplete applications will be denied.**

For questions, please contact Burt Blanchard, CSCMP's Director, Member Recruitment & Sales Development, at or direct to +1 (630) 645-3488.


The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and SupplyChainBrain welcome case study submissions for the 14th Annual Supply Chain Innovation Award™ (SCIA) competition. Innovation can be defined as new processes, new technology, or new applications of old processes and technology that create quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of cost savings, revenue, customer satisfaction, etc. The supply chain innovation case studies serve to educate and provide valuable insights, lessons, and applicable takeaways at the Edge conference and via the case studies published on the CSCMP website.

1. Obtain company/organizational approval/commitment for case author(s) to participate in the SCIA competition and to release the case study to CSCMP.

  • Obtain approval and sign off to submit the case into the SCIA competition.
  • Obtain necessary approval for each team member/author to participate/present if the team's case is selected as a finalist.

2. Ensure proposed case study meets the following criteria:

  • Presents an effective Innovative solution
  • Educational, not promotion towards a product, service, or organization
  • Significant to the specific supply chain challenge and/or solution
  • Significant impact on the organization's overall supply chain
  • Quantifiable and sustainable results that yield cost savings, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction
  • Practical information that would be beneficial and relevant to today’s supply chain practitioner
  • Structure and content: Organization/clarity, quality/usefulness of visuals, team's knowledge of subject matter

3. To be considered as a SCIA candidate, the following supporting materials must be submitted along with the application by March 30, 2018.  Requests for extensions will NOT be accommodated.

  • Full Case study - Up to 10-pages and/or 4,000 word in length, including supporting charts, graphs, figures, tables, etc.
  • Executive summary/title page that summarize the case and includes the following elements and is presented as such:
    • Case Title:
    • Organization(s) Name:
    • Author(s):
    • Speaker(s)/Presenter(s):
    • Summary of the initiative: (one to two paragraphs)
    • Innovation statement: One or two sentences describing what is innovative about the initiative
    • Impact statement: One or two sentences describing the measureable results/benefits of the innovation
    • Applicability:  One or two sentences describing why the case will be of interest to CSCMP members
    • The Executive Summary may include up to 3 additional charts/graphics/tables.