1.   Finalists are required to present their cases at the CSCMP Edge Conference and must make this commitment.

  • Conference registration and all travel, accommodations, and related expenses are the responsibilities of the finalist team members.

2.   When a finalist case includes individuals representing multiple companies/organizations, the finalist team must commit to having at least one representative from each participating company/organization registered for the Edge Conference and available for the case study presentation.

  • Changes in representatives, where the customer/shipper is no longer participating, even if very late, will preclude the presentation at the conference.

3.    Develop presentation PowerPoint slides using the CSCMP template for the title slide, which will be provided to finalists upon notification of being a finalist.  The presentation and supporting slides should include the following elements.

  • Innovative solution
  • Useful takeaways for the audience
  • Justifiable results are identified and justified
  • Well organized content with clarity of process, outcome, etc.
  • Ability to respond to questions
  • High quality and useful visuals (ie: videos). Please note that internet is not provided in the rooms
  • Time allowed to respond succinctly to questions from the judging panel

4.    Submit a final draft of the PowerPoint slides to CSCMP by June 15, 2018Requests for extensions will not be accommodated.

  • The slides will be reviewed and feedback provided (by July 20th) for improving/strengthening the presentation.  Be advised that this step is to assist Finalists with the presentation but is not part of the case judging process.

3.    Be prepared to present at the Edge Conference. 

  • Your team will be allotted 60 minutes for the presentation. Although standard time is 75 minutes you should allow 15 minutes for a Q&A session. The specific date and time is based on a first come-first served basis. Finalists will have the opportunity to select their preferred time slot once notified. 
  • The presentation should articulate the case study to an audience that has not been exposed to the team’s written case study.  Assume the audience has limited knowledge and the presentation includes all information needed to understand the challenge, how the solution was developed/implemented and the business impact.  

NOTE: The oral presentation is an important part of the evaluation process of selecting a winner. The panel of judges will evaluate the presentation as it is delivered to the audience.
 The evaluation committee/judge panel reserves the right to select a winner and runner up, at the committee’s discretion.