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IIC, IHI Inspection & Instrumentation, provides large-scale X-ray inspection systems of cargos and vehicles for Japan Customs as a subsidiary of IHI.


IHI, which is the worldwide heavy industrial company, has started our X-ray inspection business with large sized inspection systems nearly two decades ago when Japan Customs first faced the demand to adopt new method of X-ray inspection.

Since Japan requires the highest level of X-ray irradiation safety regulations, objects must be examined within the covered shelters with high energy X-ray source. Due to this restriction, cargos and vehicles must be automatically towed through the inspection system. As a pioneer, IHI responded to all sorts of demand from the Customs with various types of towing methods. Now, IIC became a successor of IHI to fulfill the requirements from different sites. From 2007, we got one of the leading international suppliers of high energy X-ray sources, Nuctech as our strong associate.


With the spirit of manufacturing, IIC is providing Japan Customs large cargo inspection systems including X-ray sources by Nuctech.


Website: www.iic-hq.co.jp/english/index.html


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One world, one market, one partner

MIC is the worldwide leading provider of global customs and trade compliance software solutions ensuring efficient customs and trade compliance processes within the legal frameworks in 48+ countries on six continents.


Our 700+ multinational clients achieved tremendous cost savings and transparency in the customs supply chain through integrating and automating customs processes. MIC makes your entire customs & trade compliance processes safer and more efficient with the most sustainable customs & trade compliance solutions worldwide.


MIC’s software products are offered as On-Premises or as Software-as-a-Service Solution (SaaS).


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CUPIA is a non-profit organization established in 2006 for the purpose of operating, developing UNI-PASS system and moreover delivering the UNI-PASS system to overseas customs.

Since its establishment, CUPIA has provided operation of the UNI-PASS system and has successfully completed the system implementation projects to Ecuador (ECUA-PASS), Tanzania and Nepal customs authorities. We are currently involved in various projects to implement the system to interested countries and we are providing BPR/ISP consulting services to them.

Moreover we are involved in the operation of the Customs Administrations System. Based on the experience and knowledge that CUPIA has built since its establishment, CUPIA has grown to become an expert organization in eClearance domestically and internationally.

           www.unipass.or.kr, •  www.customs.go.kr

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Decision Sciences - The Next Generation of Non-intrusive Inspection


Decision Sciences’ cargo scanning system, the Multi-Mode Passive Detection System Generation 3 (MMPDS Gen3), is uniquely capable of safely and automatically identifying security threats and contraband within the normal flow of commerce. Initially developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the MMPDS Gen3 tracks the path of naturally occurring and completely harmless Muons, which continuously bombard the surface of the Earth, applying state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms (MLAs) to continuously improve its ability to both detect current items of interest and rapidly learn to identify future threats as they emerge.




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Lab-Quality Analysis is now on-site.In the field of illegal drag detection(Customs inspection, Border control, Police inspection),

Analysis time and reliability of the result has been traded off.Now Hitachi DS-1100N provides lab-quality analysis with fast and easy

operation of screening devices. 


URL http://www.hitachi-hightech.com/global/about/corporate/group/hsl/


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Symetrica is a global leader in radiation detection and identification, providing real world solutions for real world challenges. The range of detectors, from handheld devices to mobile solutions and portal monitors, serve customs and border protection, law enforcement and military, emergency services and first responders. Users benefit from the most operationally effective multi-layered radiation detection and identification systems.

Symetrica’s unique Discovery Technology® architecture and range of 3He-free neutron detectors set new performance boundaries with best in class accuracy, low lifecycle costs, and continuous stabilization and auto-calibration that provides real time system health monitoring and eliminates scheduled maintenance. Discovery Technology is employed across Symetrica’s product range, in the Smiths Detection RadSeeker, and in a range of other OEM’s products.


For more company information visit www.symterica.com.


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GE-Data is a private and independent consulting company specialized in geospatial technologies, with offices in the USA and in France. Our staff members are all international experts, with more than 25 years of experience in Remote Sensing and GIS related projects. Geospatial information describes, explains, and visually depicts activities and behaviors on Earth, and their evolution in time. Creating geo-information is one thing, but to turn it into actionable intelligence is the real challenge that we want to tackle with you. Our prime concern is to help you conceptualize your needs and define pragmatic and cost-effective solutions leading to operational efficiency, new opportunities and improved risk management.




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S-WINNUS located in Rep. Korea, specializes in logistics IoT service, providing customers with logistics IT innovation, security, and efficiency by using global tracking IoT technology dedicated in the logistics field.

The company has an excellent ability to develop IoT devices and tracking SW platform development. In particular, the IoT electronic seal iLock, which is a representative logistics security and track control device, is continuously supplied to the Korea Customs Service and is successfully in operation. Recently, its products were introduced to customs services and logistics customers globally and are rapidly becoming the next generation smuggling prevention and security solution


Site web: www.swinnus.com


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Established in 1996 in Rep. Korea, eCIS provides a solution service equipped with experts in a variety of fields, such as trade/logistics solution development, information management innovation consulting for the promotion of enterprise competitiveness, national interest SI projects, including trade EDI implemented in accordance with the Trade Automation Act.


Site web: www.ecis.co.kr


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Kumahira Group have provided security and safety to customer for 119 years.

Since its foundation, we have supplied safes,and vault-room.

As the needs drastically changing in the times Kumahira has expanded technologies to security system on the bases of faith to safeguard customer’s property that evolves to the fame as edge-leading company in physical security.

In view of the situation counterterrorism becoming one of the most serious issue we developed devices for checking for example, liquid explosive scanner, metal detector, and a mobile electrical gate for simple access control.

All models we provide are internally-made and engaged high-quality; focus on the electrical security gate we have the largest share across the country.




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Passport Systems provides advanced active and passive solutions to rapidly and automatically detect, localize and identify concealed threats and contraband for a broad range of applications. SmartScan 3DTM is a 3D cargo scanner that improves international security by automatically detecting contraband, validating manifests and clearing cargo of WMDs without impacting the flow of commerce.  SmartShieldTM  is a network of portable radiation detectors for real-time threat detection, geolocation and isotopic identification, for use in urban populations and at large events.



Japan Machinery Company (JMC) is a leading sales and distribution company active in the Japanese industrial market. We specialize in top-of-the-line engineered products and have a proven track record of over 50 years in streamlining the entry of foreign manufacturers into the Japanese market.


Far more than just a trading company, Japan Machinery Company believes strongly in value-added sales, to provide our customers with a complete engineered solution to their various applications and issues. A cornerstone of our success is our strong in-house engineering and support service, as well as a highly trained technical sales staff. We cover all of the major industrial cities in Japan with an extensive network of 12 sales offices, and have direct accounts with all of the leading manufacturers in Japan.


For more company information visit: www.japanmachinery.com


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KSK supplies a range of surveillance systems that are designed to meet our customer's specific requirements. As for Japan Customs, we have been working for more than 20years with especially maritime surveillance cameras. Currently we are promoting “people screening system” which is called body scanning system for border control purpose.


For more company information visit: www.kaiyosogo.co.jp


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NEC is aiming at contributing to the realization of a safe, secure, efficient, and equal society through innovations utilizing ICT.

In particular, NEC is a pioneer and global leader in the field of biometrics authentication technology that delivered state-of-the-art solution in more than 70 countries for more than 40 years.


NEC’s finger print and face recognition technologies that ranked at industrial No. 1 accuracy and speed provide solutions for border control, public safety (airport security, urban surveillance) as well as various public services such as national ID and voting system etc.


For more company information visit: www.nec.com


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CORE provides global integrated Supply Chain and Customs Classification management solutions.


           Exception prioritised visibility and execution for global inbound logistics, from Vendor to DC.

           Seamless integration of customs classification tools, systems and services, to enhance compliance and expediate customs entries.


Suppliview and TariffTel are software solutions and services provided by CORE (UK) LIMITED.


For more company information visit: www.suppliview.com and www.tarifftel.com


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Nordiko Quarantine Systems Pty Ltd


Nordiko is the leading technology supplier for import container gas safety and forced ventilation equipment.

Nordiko has supplied customs authorities around the world since 2002 with safety technology to protect the health of officers inspecting shipping containers.

Import containers often contain toxic gases arising from cargo contents and exposure has acute and chronic health effects.

More recently, the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos particles from certain container cargoes has added another level of risk, which can similarly be managed using Nordiko equipment.


Website:  www.nordiko.com.au


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Astrophysics, Inc. makes hidden threats visible. We manufacture leading X-ray security scanners and high-energy portals that offer cutting-edge imaging for any application and budget. Operators in over 140 countries use our advanced system features, including 6-Color Imaging and Picture Perfect functionality, to detect threats and contraband hidden within everything from suitcases to cargo containers. Astrophysics, Inc. units adhere to rigorous industry specifications, and we offer TSA- and ECAC-qualified scanners for any security mission.


Website:  www.astrophysicsinc.com



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