2017 WCO TI Forum

L3 solutions enable organizations to maintain screening standards while maximizing efficiency. L3's software solution integrates data from a variety of scanning systems onto a single, centralized display. The software is a user-friendly, visually-based solution that allows analysts to quickly assess cargo contents locally or remotely for contraband and other illegal materials. The benefits of this common user interface include greater operational efficiency, higher throughput and increased probability of detection Networking systems (including different vendors) together under one software suite adds information on system usage and allows flexibility in staffing. Images can be displayed from many locations, seamlessly integrating data from multiple sensors. With the networking of legacy systems using the software networking solution, analysts can be trained on a common workstation, thereby reducing analyst training and staffing costs.


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Since its inception in 1951, Rigaku has been at the forefront of analytical and industrial instrumentation technology. Today, with hundreds of major innovations to their credit, the Rigaku Group of Companies are world leaders in the fields of protein and small molecule X-ray crystallography, general X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectrometry, semiconductor metrology, computed tomography, nondestructive testing and thermal analysis. Especially, Rigaku has supplied analytical equipment specialized for security purpose, and actually installed more than 30 units of handheld Raman spectrometers to Japan Customs. Further, Rigaku has started introduction of handheld backscatter imager for investigation of hidden organics such as narcotics and IED.




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