2017 WCO TI Forum

Constant change. Complex challenges. As Public Service organizations navigate the new, they must stay focused on their missions. To succeed, they need more than big ideas. They need the real results that Accenture delivers through end-to-end, cross-industry capabilities. An unparalleled global network of experts across all business functions. And a blend of fresh thinking and proven solutions for a digital world. Accenture PublicService: Experience that counts, innovation that works and outcomes that matter for citizens, workers and communities.




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Bureau van Dijk is in the business of certainty.


We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency. We deliver the richest, most reliable private company information, corporate structures, beneficial ownership and deal information in the market.


Our solutions help you investigate companies including: company identification and verification, identifying company locations, assessing and comparing peers, analysing financial performance and risk, understanding corporate groups, identifying beneficial owners and the individuals associated with companies, and PEPs and Sanctions investigations.


Our Orbis database has information on more than 220 million companies from all countries worldwide.




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NUCTECH is a prestigious international supplier of security inspection systems and solutions with a prominent market presence in more than 150 countries. It specializes in cutting-edge screening technologies and tailor-made solutions. The product portfolio has been widely used in Custom Checkpoints, Border Protection, Port and Airport Facilities to help combat illegal smuggling, human trafficking, trade fraud and safeguard security.


With customer-oriented approach, NUCTECH has enjoyed wide recognition for meeting customer needs and maintaining close partnership with clients. As an international equipment provider in security industry, NUCTECH has established subsidiary companies across the globe, including the HK, Australia, Poland, UAE, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina, Singapore, Panama etc.


For more information visit: www.nuctech.com


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INEXTO is a leading provider of innovative Track & Trace and Authentication systems for the public and private sectors. Our fully digital and interoperable platform offers unique and proven solutions to enhance transparency and trust in trade flows.


INEXTO’s solutions provide Law Enforcement Agencies with the tools to instantly validate product Authenticity and the Track & Trace information necessary to effectively fight illicit trade. INEXTO’s technology is securing over 100 billion products annually, making it one of the largest and most trusted platforms in the world.




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