2015 Knowledge Academy

WCO Compliance & Enforcement Programmes

Sang-Hyup Lee. WCO Enviromental Program.

WCO Research-related Topics


WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement  and the WCO’s Role in Implementation of TFA

WCO CEN Applications

Mette Azzam. Advance Rulings (eng.).

Mette Azzam. Advance Rulings (fr.).

Samson Bilangna. The Revised Kyoto Convention (eng.)

Samson Bilangna. The Revised Kyoto Convention (fr.)

Richard Chopra. Donor Support for Trade Facilitation.

Richard Chopra. Customs Modernization and Capacity Building.




WCO Data Model Version 3

Day 1 02 KACT 2015 DM Intro to the WCO DM and its Relationship with WCO Instruments

Day 1 03 KACT 2015 DM WCO DM Business&Information Modelling

Day 1 04 KACT 2015 DM Introduction to WCO DM deliverables

Day 1 05 KACT 2015 DM Information Packages

Day 1 06 KACT 2015 DM Introduction to GOVCBR

Day 1 07 KACT 2015 DM Implementation Packages intro

Day 1 08 KACT 2015 DM Data Quality Aspects

Day 2 03 KACT 2015 DM More about Information Packages

Day 2 05 KACT 2015 DM Governmental Usage - Implementation Experience

Day 2 06 KACT 2015 DM Private Sector Usages - Trader Perspectives

Day 2 06 KACT 2015 DM WCO DM Trader Perspectives

Day 2 07 KACT 2015 DM Benefits  Single Window Aspects lt

Day 3 02 KACT 2015 DM Adoption Promotion Strategies

Day 3 04 KACT 2015 DM Customisation Techniques

Day 3 05 KACT 2015 DM Single Windows Customisation Examples

Day 3 06 KACT 2015 DM WCO DM XML and auto-generation exercise

Customs Valuation

1-Background to the Agreement

2-Price paid or payable

2-xRelated party transactions_c

3-Sale for Export -Commentary 22 1

4-Article 8 Adjustments 1

5_Third Party Royalties and Licence Fees - Comm 25.1_c

6_AO 4 15

7_Business Design documentation-c

15 - WCO Guide to customs valuation and transfer pricing

Advance rulings for valuation-c

Article 17

China resale minus case-c

Commentary 4_1

Decision 4.1

Decision 6.1 summary

Distribution fees

Draft TCCV - TNMM case study-c

Facts of Case unlocking fees-c

Less than cost of production CS_12_ 1

RP II Council pres

Transfer Pricing & Customs Valuation

VT_RP Valuation Guidelines - Key messages

Withholding tax on royalties

WTO_Panel_findings_Valuation_ibc Edit

Rules of Origin

Mette Azzam. Rules of Origin.

Mette Azzam. Origin Exercises with results.

Harmonized System

Topic 1

I.Wind_GIRS and Hi-Tech and related products

I.Wind_GIRS and Hi-Tech and related products 2

T.Beris_Classification of articles in the HIGH-TECH area

I.Wind_Case studies

I.Wind_Case studies 2.

I.Wind_Case studies 3

Topic 2 

E. de Jong_Goods put up in sets for retail sale

E. de Jong_HS 2017 Amendments KACT 2015

I.Wind_Sets. composite goods. HS 2017 and some food for thought

I.Wind_Composite goods_Case studies

I.Wind_Food for thought_Case studies