ICN Summit 2014
Water Management

How do we handle water in an intelligent manner in ever bigger cities?

Water constitutes an array of challenges depending on local needs and conditions.

In fast growing urban areas water is becoming a scarce resource and there is a need to avoid water waste and to find new ways to clean and reuse waste water.

Yet, in other cases too much water due to climate change constitutes a real threat to the urban infrastructure and health conditions.

Either way, intelligent water management is an essential part of the future challenges for cities anywhere in the world.


Mette Tjener Andersson, Head of a Danish verification programme, DHI, Urban and Industry


Rasmus Blom, Director of Grundfos Connect

Mikkel Thomassen, phd and co-founding partner of Smith Innovation

Chris Zevenbergen, Strategic advisor of the Executive Board of the Dura Vermeer Group NV


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