ICN Summit 2014

What happens, when the best from the private enterprises, knowledge institutions and local governments meet and create solutions to smart city challenges faced by greening cities all over the world? The ICN Summit 2014 in Copenhagen will find out.

City challenges

Cities around the world are facing challenges from rapid urbanisation to climate change: congestion in cities, accumulation of waste water shortages and energy system failures.

These challenges are critical for cities to address when developing into a Smart City and each poses major difficulties for citizens and businesses.

We invite cities around the world to put up their most current challenge in becoming ready for the future, smarter and greener! We challenge experts from private enterprises and knowledge institutions to show their their products, services and knowledge while engaging actively with the cities on solutions for their challenges,

Create opportunities

Creating Smarter Solutions will require active participation and dialogue rarely seen at international conferences as we know them. Furthermore, we expect of the solutions to be holistic, requiring they take into account all the dimensions of the challenge across any and all sectors affecting or affected by the challenge. Need we say the solutions must be applicable, economically feasible and profitable for all parties?

We bring together the most ambitious thought leaders from the private sector, knowledge institutions and public authorities to solve the most important global challenges. We call it: Creating Smarter Solutions.

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Is your city a sustainability front runner or looking to become one? Does your company provide products or services capable of solving some of the major challenges related to sustainability? Are you one of the most knowledgeable in your field of expertise? Then take part in Creating Smarter Solutions at the ICN Summit 2014 in Copenhagen. We look forward to seeing you here.