ICN Summit 2014
Siemens Windpower, PowerlabDK and DTU Cleantech Bazar

Siemens Windpower will host the first part of this site and seminar with a boat trip to the offshore wind farm, Middlegrunden, outside the harbour of Copenhagen. During the visit, presentations will be held at the boat regarding wind energy.

PowerlabDK is an experimental platform for electric power and energy. The facilities constitutes an unique experimental platform, ranging from flexible fundamental research and test laboratories to large-scale experimental facilities and a complete full-scale power distribution system, which will be a data source and platform for full-scale and real-life experiments.

At DTU's Cleantech Bazar, you will meet exhibitors from the academic research community, cleantech businesses and other stakeholders. See the latest developments in cleantech technologies, tools and processes. The exhibitors display their models and prototypes in various stages of development. There are also stands with guidance such as entrepreneurship, project creation and funding.

From Waste to Energy and Resources

How do we make the most of our waste? Waste is already a high value product traded across borders and resource scarcity makes efficient use of waste resources necessary ensuring future production. Whether it is directing waste away from landfills, utilising waste for energy production or creating high value products based on waste, an efficient waste handling system constitutes one of the most important future societal challenges.

Amager Resource Centre and Dong ReneScience bid welcome to an innovative site and seminar with visits to Amager Resource Centre’s incineration facilities and the enzymatic bio-reactor of Dong ReneScience and with presentations from Rambøll.

Big Data and Smart City Solution

The site and seminar on Big data seeks to uncover how big data can be used for smart city solutions. Explore how big data can be used to create business opportunities and join in on the discussion of the potentials of big data.

ORACLE Denmark will host the site and seminar, and speakers from SEAS-NVE and the City of Copenhagen will provide interesting and innovative perspectives to the area of Big Data.


Cities are facing vast challenges on creating the liveable city.  

Greens city areas, city development, cycling, urban farming and locale initiatives will be some of the aspects, the liveability site and seminar touches upon on a guided tour around Copenhagen. Afterwards, presentations from the City of Copenhagen will be held in order to open up further discussions on the liveable city.

Kalundborg Symbiosis

The Kalundborg Symbiosis is an industrial ecosystem, where the by-product residual product of one enterprise is used as a resource by another enterprise, in a closed cycle.

An industrial symbiosis is a local collaboration where public and private enterprises buy and sell residual products, resulting in mutual economic and environmental benefits. In the development of the Kalundborg Symbiosis, the most important element has been healthy communication and good cooperation between the participants.

At the tour, Novozymes and Kalundborg Utilities will be showcasing their sites with a focus on water management.