2017 CUGH Conference
Satellite Event | Journal Readership, Disciplines, and Understanding Global Health

How Does the Readership of Journals from Different Disciplines Understand Global Health?

Thursday April 6th, 2017
9:00am - 12:00pm
Room: Columbia 3

Washington Hilton Hotel - Dupont Circle
Washington, DC


No registration required.

This Satellite session will provide a whole new scope on the global health agenda from editors whose priorities lies in different fields.

A conversation with a panel of editors from the worlds of geoscience, architecture, design and technology and business, and editors from global health journals.  The panel will discuss ways to introduce the  global health agenda  into their respective fields, and to share lessons on moving knowledge from paper publication to on the ground impact   The  focus will be on how global health messages are delivered and perceived in different disciplines. 

Those working or studying within the global health field will be able to glean an understanding from Journals of how to present their work to different audiences, and also will have the opportunity to hear from other fields how new research and topical papers are influencing different agendas which inevitably impact on health.

Invited Speakers: Journal Editors and Members of Editorial Councils.