International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Satellite Meeting



Please be aware not all the presentations are available as not all speakers gave the consent to have their presentations on our website.


 Date  Speaker  Presentation Title
 18/07/2014 Edo Agustian Human rights and access to new HCV Therapies 
 18/07/2014  Mark Sulkowski

A New era of HCV Clinical Management

 18/07/2014  Phillippa Easterbrook

Global HIV/viral hepatitis co-infection: epidemic trends and disease burden

 18/07/2014  Chloe Thio

Impact of antiretroviral therapy on HBV liver disease burden

 18/07/2014 Jidong Jia  Experiences with the Successful Scale up of HBV Birth Dose Vaccination 
 18/07/2014 Mark Danta  Acute HCV infections and re-infections in HIV+ MSM: debunking the myths 
 18/07/2014 Jordan Feld Role of ribavirin in new era of HCV therapy 
 18/07/2014  Anchalee Avihingsanon Viral Hepatitis treatment for people with HIV in Asia
 18/07/2014 Mark Sonderup  Viral hepatitis treatment for people with HIV in African settings
 18/07/2014 Daniel Fierer Activation of Hepatic Stellate Cells Drives the Radpid Onset of Liver Fibrosis During Acute HCV Infections in HIV-infected Men
 19/07/2014  Andrew Hill What is the minimum cost to cure Hepatitis C? 
 19/07/2014 Nathan Ford 

Access to IFN-free DAA treatment: Lessons from ART access strategies

 19/07/2014 Peter Vickerman

HCV treatment as prevention: feasible or forlorn

 19/07/2014 Ed Gane  Future HCV therapeutic strategies for non-1 genotype infection
 19/07/2014 Wei Lai  Role of IFN-based therapy for HCV in the Asian Region 
 19/07/2014 Chris Boesecke Workshop - Pushing the envelope in aucte HCV treatment: Germany 
 19/07/2014 Daniel Fierer  Workshop - Pushing the envelope in acute HCV treatment: USA
 19/07/2014 Gail Matthews  Workshop - Pushing the envelope in acute HCV treatment:Australia
 19/07/2014 Anita Sands Diagnostics for Viral Hepatitis - WHO Prequalifications of Diagnostics Programme 
 19/07/2014 Teri Roberts Perspectives from the field - Diagnostic algorithms for scale-up of screening in MSF programme 
 19/07/2014 Karine Lacombe  Liver fibrosis assessment in resource-limited settings
 19/07/2014 Karyn Kaplan Community-based organisations role in global advocacy for HCV therapy
 19/07/2014  Juergen Rockstroh Closing remarks