International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Satellite Meeting

Specific themes:

Acute HCV infection: transmission and intervention

Potential for targeted abstract driven session and development of collaborative research opportunities


  • Epidemiology of acute HCV among HIV-infected MSM
  • Early HCV therapeutic intervention: an opportunity for HCV treatment as prevention?

Viral hepatitis epidemiology and disease burden


  • The impact of chronic hepatitis on morbidity and mortality in people with HIV
  • Will IFN-free DAA therapy reverse advanced liver disease in people with HIV/HCV coinfection?

HBV prevention and management


  • Coverage of tenofovir-based ART in developed and developing country settings
  • Options for HBV management in the setting of tenofovir toxicity
  • HBV vaccine coverage and strategies for people with HIV

Development of new HCV therapies: specific issues for HIV coinfection


  • Is there a role for first generation HCV protease inhibitors in people with HIV?
  • IFN-free DAA development and optimising regimens for HIV/HCV coinfection
  • Drug - drug interactions in the context of DAA-based HCV therapy

Access to new HCV therapies

There is an opportunity to make this theme a central component of the meeting, with panel discussion and development of a meeting-based position statement and strategy on enhancing access to IFN-fee DAA regimens


  • Access to IFN-free DAA therapy: lessons from ART access strategies
  • Human rights and access to new HCV therapies
  • Public health advocacy and HCV therapy access
  • HCV antiviral therapy drug pricing