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Thursday, September 15th
1:00 - 4:00 PM

Practice Management Software Training Workshops: 3 CE toward AADOM Fellowship Program

Eaglesoft and Dentrix are each offering two courses this year! Choose the software intensive that best suits your needs and your skill set. User training by software specialists and super-users.

Software Course Descriptions

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  • Eaglesoft
  • Dentrix
EAGLESOFT – Choose the session that best suits your needs.

Checking the Pulse of Your Practice

Presented by: Mary Horvath, Regional Technology Advisor

Learn how to harvest the hidden data in Eaglesoft to increase your practice’s profitability. Understand the proper reporting methods and how to effectively read the numbers in your reports.

Maximizing Your Practice Efficiencies

Presented by: Dianna Borries, Customer Experience Manager

Delve into learning the short cuts in Eaglesoft and uncover features to make your practice more efficient.
DENTRIX COURSE - Choose the session that best suits your needs.

Dentrix for Advanced Users: Master the Metrics that Matter
Presented by: Tammy Barker, Dentrix Senior Profitability Coach

Identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Dentrix that will make your practice more successful.
With all you have to do in a day to manage your practice, it is nice to know you have a solution like Dentrix helping you reach your goals. But do you know all that Dentrix can do to help you maximize patient care and profitability?
If you are responsible for improving the profitability of your dental practice, then don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Tammy Barker, Dentrix Senior Profitability Coach. During this session, you will learn how to use key performance indicators (KPI) from your Dentrix data to better manage your practice, including:

  • Identifying a healthy ratio of dentist to hygienist patient care
  • The ideal production-to-collection correlation in a your practice
  • How losing one hour of dentist time in a month can cost you more than $144,000 each year

You will learn how to identify what is going well within your practice and where there are opportunities for improvement. Also, you will learn how a personal practice advisor assessment can help you identify and review key metrics in your practice that will help you maximize your patient care as well as your profits. 

This session is ideal for the Office Manager:

  • Currently using Dentrix, but who wants to know how to better use it to improve profitability
  • Wanting new tools to use Dentrix better to improve the patient experience in their practice
  • Who desires the next level of Dentrix knowledge, beyond basic training, in order to better their own set of office skills
  • Looking into eServices that will augment their current Dentrix solution in order to make the overall practice better


Dentrix Fundamentals for Beginners: Everything You Thought You Knew and More
Presented by: Miranda Reed, Certified Dentrix Trainer

Discover essential features in Dentrix that can make an immediate impact on your productivity and your practice bottom line.
From the front office to the operatory, the Office Manager is the fuel that keeps your practice running smoothly – and Dentrix is a crucial component.
Whether you’re a new Dentrix user or an experienced user in need of a refresh, this is the session for you. Join Dentrix Trainer Miranda Reed as she guides you through the fundamental features in Dentrix that can help your practice get organized, save time and focus on what matters most – your patients.
This session will provide you with the latest Dentrix business tools that solve real business problems so you can run a more efficient and profitable practice:

  • Improve and streamline billing processes to boost your profits
  • Increase production through case acceptance
  • Learn Dentrix features you’re not using
  • Discover what’s new in Dentrix
  • Access Dentrix resources available 24/7

This session is ideal for:

  • Office Managers just starting out with Dentrix
  • Users of Dentrix that may not be aware of or using all features
  • Dentrix users that want to learn about new features
  • Users struggling with billing processes, patient engagement or productivity
            • Optimizing your schedule to be more efficient and profitable
            • Using key performance indicators to increase profits
            • Increasing production and case acceptance

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