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Breakfast on your own

6:00 6:45 AM
Walk with Cara (Enjoy a walk with AADOM’s own Cara Bishop to get your energy going before the start of a busy day)
7:30 – 9:00 AM AADOM Daily Prize Drawing
7:30 – 9:20 AM
Networking time with peers and our awesome Exhibitors (In the ballroom, grab breakfast before you come or feel free to bring your fare with you)
9:20 – 9:30 AM
Travel Time
9:30 – 11:00 AM

Sponsored Educational Break Out Sessions

Five Step Management Makeover
David Schwab, Ph.D.
Sponsored by Lending Club Patient Solutions

This lecture teaches Practice Administrators proven management techniques to make the practice a great and satisfying place to work. When stress goes down, morale goes up—and so does production. This course challenges PA’s to put aside old assumptions and bring out the best in themselves and their co-workers. Attendees will leave with the resources they need to improve the culture of the practice, including step-by-step agendas for future team meetings. It provides specific solutions to management problems so that practices can reach their full potential.
Course Objectives:

  1. How to set and control expectations
  2. How to increase case acceptance.
  3. How to use the best verbal skills
  4. How to hold themselves and the team accountable.

Designed for all skill levels.

The Traditional Performance Review is Dead
Tim Twigg
Sponsored by Henry Schein

The ongoing debate is over – traditional performance reviews are dead! The conclusion is that the standard, age-old annual performance review is no longer effective and carries potential liability.
Today’s workplace requires a new, more relevant, meaningful and productive approach. A new method of goal setting and ongoing feedback is the contemporary method of choice for effective performance management.
“Why goals?” The simple answer is: employee engagement. Employees who are motivated to make your business and their positions better will positively impact things like customer service, productivity and morale.

Course Objectives

  • Utilize the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting methodology
  • Avoid common goal setting pitfalls
  • Focus on changeable behavior
  • Successful ways for communicating (dialoguing) and monitoring performance
  • Implement a goal/feedback model for performance management
  • Document performance that protects the practice

Designed for all skill levels.

Holistic Dental Marketing: Conquer the Chaos and Become a Marketing Hotshot
Angela Byrnes & Shannon Mackey
Sponsored by Roadside Dental Marketing

As if you weren’t already busy enough, now you’re expected to add “marketing guru” to your job description. So-called “experts” are bombarding you with buzzwords - content marketing, eblasts, blogging, linking, social media, PPC, reviews, lead generation, SEO - what does it all mean and HOW are you supposed to fit it into your already jam-packed schedule?

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the ins and outs of holistic practice marketing - without all the mumbo-jumbo. You’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder, as well as how to get your entire team involved and excited. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to engage your team and grow your practice in just 30 minutes a week!

We’ll demystify the complex world of marketing during this lecture-free, guilt-free, B.S.-free workshop!

Course Objectives:

  • Take-home tools: A customized action plan and one-of-a-kind toolkit to train your team
  • Learn how to explain (and sell!) marketing to your boss
  • Demystify getting to the top of Google
  • Learn which aspects of marketing will grow your practice and deliver ROI
  • Transform your team into marketing hotshots
  • Identify the marketing tools successful practice managers have in their back pockets
  • Ask us ANYTHING during live Q & A sessions
  • Designed for all skill levels.

    Scared of HIPAA? Aint nobody got time for that!
    (Come find out why integrating HIPAA and patient communication isn’t the nightmare you think it is.)

    Elizabeth Anderson
    Sponsored by Rhinogram

    Tired of being unsure about HIPAA? Wondering how to improve customer service with your patients, but afraid of possible breaches? Fear no more, this interactive and hands-on session will relieve all stress and worries! Come and learn how to integrate HIPAA and patient communication. No fancy wording, just plain, simple language about HIPAA, that will help you understand that it’s not the stressful nightmare you may have imagined it to be. Have fun with the Rhino, and learn all at the same time!

    Course Objectives:

    • Understand and identify PHI
    • Learn the relationship between Social Media and PHI
    • Explore how to prevent PHI breaches
    • Learn 14 practices that keep your office HIPAA-compliant

    Designed for all skill levels.

    Dental Cash Flow for Dummies!
    (Psst… You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ P&L!)

    Rick Willeford, Dental CPA
    Sponsored by DentaMetrix

    How come your CPA says you made a lot of profit last year—but you don’t have any money?!? And… it seems to take him months before he can even tell you that!! Wouldn’t it be nice to take the voodoo out of his mumbo jumbo—and quickly?

    This course will put YOU back in control and help you unlock the secrets in your numbers. Without a lot of work and with no real accounting knowledge. There is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’, but they are the easiest to answer.

    So let’s have some fun and unravel the mysteries….

    Course Objectives:

    • Learn why most CPA financial statements are so useless
    • Understand the difference between Cash Flow vs Accounting “Profit”
    • Unlock the Secrets in your practice finances
    • Turn QB into a management tool and not wait for the CPA for months
    • Know the 5 numbers that control your overhead and track them—in minutes

    Designed for all financial/business managers of all skill levels—and folks who wish they could be

    11:00 – 11:15 AM
    Travel Time
    11:15 – 11:45 AM
    Lavish Buffet Lunch (Networking time with exhibitors)
    11:45 AM – 12:45 PM In the Ballroom

    Forum Live!
    Facilitated by Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM

    The nation's LARGEST live networking event for dental team leaders
    Back by popular demand, the nation's LARGEST live networking event for dental practice administrators and business team members. You know the Member Forum as a place for you to seek answers, advice and friendship. Meet up IRL (that’s in real life!) with other conference attendees to discuss some of dentistry’s hottest topics. Take your time visiting the different Forum “groups” or make new friends in the “Open Forum” to concentrate on your tougher situations! Some of the most popular Forum groups are:

    • Moving to a paperless office
    • Employee motivation
    • Compliance
    • Hiring /firing scenarios
    • Insurance situations
    • Case presentations
    • Partnering w/ doc for success
    • Gossip & conflict resolution
    • Leading team meetings
    • Hygiene system management
    12:45 – 1:00 PM Travel Time
    1:00 – 3:00 PM

    Educational Sessions

    Super Teams Panel Discussion: How to Work Effectively with Your Doctor
    Featuring an All-Star Panel of AADOM Members & Their Doctors

    If you’ve ever said ‘My boss is great but drives me crazy!’ then this is the panel for you! Join our group of practice administrators doctors and managers who have found a way to lead their practices and still enjoy each other’s company. Management is hard. Owning a practice is hard. Together it can be impossible unless you have support.

    Our panelists will discuss:

    • The biggest issues that threaten a team
    • How to strategize with a practice partner
    • Ways to keep each other and the office on track

    Join us for this no-holds barred conversation and walk away with new perspective on the relationship between practice leaders.

    Panelists Include:

    • Dr. William Simon
    • Dr. Natasha Khurana & Monique Barbour, FAADOM
    • Dr. Terryl Propper & Lynda Davenport, FAADOM
    Designed for 5-10+ years of management experience.


    Grin & Share It: 3 Ways to Treatment Plan with Success & Sanity
    Speaker: Anastasia Turchetta

    Influencing is an important part of leadership quality. Ever make a decision based upon an experience, emotion or association? Science and social settings prove your smile has measurable influence.

    This fun, interactive session gives you combination to successfully recognize how your smile can influence your income, release stress, inspire those around you, and impact both relationships and your life!

    Do you think your patients do the same? The research and evidence of the oral systemic link is proven. Our message of health is clear. How we use that information to influence remains murky at times. Master the art of influence and infuse your message of health.

    • Understand How Priming Will Work For You
    • Influence with Body Language, Visuals and Sound
    • Establish Trust, Improve Your Leadership and Your Life with Your Smile

    Designed for all skill levels.

    Our Chairs Are Full…Why Are We Not Making Money?
    Speaker: Virginia Moore

    Do you ever wonder why your schedule is packed and colorful but your banking account is in the red? You’re not alone! It takes practice to establish and maintain effective scheduling procedures. This class will help you to train your team to handle your scheduling challenges.
    Course Objectives:

    • Scheduling techniques to assure profitability
    • Why “busy” does not necessarily equal “productive”
    • The 5 numbers to check each month that will guide your success

    Attendees will receive 3 valuable tools to support their success as managers.

    Designed for 5-10+ years of management experience.

    5 Strategies to Ignite Your Future
    Speaker: Dr. David Rice

    How many times a month do you use your GPS...or Siri to get directions? How often have you sat down with your dental team and wondered how you were going to take your practice to a new destination? Wouldn't it be great if you could just ask Siri? If there was a GPS to guide you to success? Well...great news - there is! Join us and learn THE 5 strategies the most successful dental practices of tomorrow know today.

    Course Objectives:

    • Relationship building the right way
    • Understanding finances that will shape your decisions
    • The role of marketing and social media in growth
    • How to continually hone your team to be your sharpest practice representatives

    Designed for all skill levels.

    R.I.S.E. To Success: Systems & Strategies That Build High Performing Teams
    Speaker: Judy Kay Mausolf

    Building a high performing team results in business success. Success is measured by a healthy bottom line, united leadership and a cohesive team. It also must include an environment you enjoy working in - with a feeling of a job well done at the end of the day!
    Judy Kay shares her R.I.S.E. Philosophy. It’s a concept for best practices to help the entire team think differently, act differently, communicate effectively, work together better, and make healthy decisions which results in ultimately growing their business.
    Course Objectives:

    • Learn how to build a united leadership team
    • Understanding the individual’s role in establishing trust, accountability and respect
    • Learn methods for making successful decisions
    • Learn R.I.S.E. Implementation Process steps
    • Outline how to develop team and performance standards
    • Discover beliefs and behaviors that nurture a patient-focused practice
    • Acquire tools for creating accountability
    • Uncover behaviors that inspire a culture of appreciation and celebration

    Designed for all skill levels.

    Understanding the Business of Hygiene
    Speaker: Rachel Wall, RDH

    While patient care is the primary focus, practice statistics are often the gauge for measuring the level of care being provided. Knowing how to analyze and monitor hygiene department statistics enables you to know at any moment how well your systems are being implemented - when to celebrate and when to get re-focused.
    Course Objectives:

    • Uncover specific areas of the hygiene department that hold untapped potential for growth
    • Learn the FIVE down and dirty hygiene department benchmarks to track and report every month
    • Discover how open time in hygiene can actually be a good thing
    • Determine the true level of periodontal disease awareness in YOUR practice

    Participants should bring:

    • Procedure report from the last 12 months that lists all procedures performed including the number of times each was performed and the production from those procedures
    • Number of hours of hygiene open time in the previous month
    • Calculator
    Designed for 5-10+ years of management experience.

    This hands on course is limited to the first 50 registrants.

    3:00 – 3:15 PM Travel Time
    3:15 – 4:00 PM Prize Raffle in the Main Ballroom
    4:00 PM Conference Wrap-up and Close with the AADOM Team
    See you in Scottsdale in 2017!

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     Henry Schein
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