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5:00 - 8:00 PM Medical Billing Workshop Part 1: “What You Need to Do Today to Be Ready!”
Speaker: Christine Taxin
Brought to you by Patterson Dental Special Markets

Medical billing may give you a headache, but the results will give you a bonus. Our billers are able to ask their doctors for a percentage of the income brought in since the income rises over 30% in your first year. Join Christine and be introduced to a new way of thinking.
This class will be fun but serious – we are talking about your office revenue, after all!

Learning objectives:

  • Discover how to integrate medical billing into your practice
  • Utilize medical intake forms, risk assessment forms to include your patient into the diagnostic process
  • Pros and cons to being “in-network or “out-of-network”
  • What services can be billed medically? How do you document a medical necessity?
Designed for 5-10+ years of management experience.


6:00 – 8:00 PM Pre-Conference Evening Event: Drama Queens, Pot Stirrers & Problem Makers! Transform Toxic Team members into Top Performers!
Speaker: Judy Kay Mausolf

Do you have team members with toxic attitudes? You know, the drama queens, pot stirrers or problem makers who make everyone else’s life miserable and yet are unapproachable. Many teams struggle with toxic attitudes for lack of knowledge of what to do as well as understanding the total impact they can have on a practice. Toxic attitudes cause stress and impede open communication, patient experience, treatment acceptance, team performance, enjoying your work day, feeling happy, and of course a healthy bottom line just to name a few. Learn how to transform toxic attitudes to tremendous attitudes and have fun doing it. Judy Kay, relationships expert, will share how you can elevate the attitude in your practice!


  • Learn verbal skills to communicate effectively with difficult and different personalities
  • Learn steps to address and resolve conflict
  • Establish protocols that eliminate gossip
  • Identify behaviors that elevate trust and respect
  • Discover methods that turn toxic attitudes into tremendous assets
  • Determine behaviors that inspire a culture of appreciation and celebration

 Designed for all skill levels.

 8:00 - 10:00PM AADOM Welcome Party
Sponsored by RhinoGram

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