2015 World STI & HIV Congress and Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

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To assist you with identifying the sessions, we have provided the below key for the World STI & HIV Congress:


Mainly basic science talks


Mainly epidemiology talks


Mainly clinical talks


Mainly social / Policy talks




Young Investigator sessions

The program for the Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference is shown above with high quality abstract submissions received. Sessions and presentations that are to be covered include: 

Theme A Highlights:

  • HIV replication and its relationship to transmission and disease progression
  • HIV cellular reservoir during antiretroviral therapy
  • The effect of concurrent infections, ageing and inflammation on the HIV reservoir
  • Gene therapy approaches to a cure for HIV
  • Understanding CCR5 expression on CD4 T cells and inhibition of HIV entry
  • Novel approaches to inhibiting HIV replication and reducing HIV burden

Theme B Highlights:

There have been some major developments in HIV management and the 2015 ASHM Conference in Brisbane will highlight these exciting changes and cover the evidence behind them. In terms of initiating ART, the START study has been a definitive landmark in guiding clinicians and people with HIV on where to start. Guidelines for what regimes to start have changed significantly this year. PrEP and it's role in preventing HIV infections as well as ways of preventing HIV transmission will be addressed. There have been breakthroughs in the treatment of Hepatitis C and the whole field of managing blood-borne viruses is rapidly changing. There will be a session on ending hepatitis C as well as a plenary lecture on the newer therapies for hepatitis C. Newer drugs for managing HIV will be covered as well as the co-morbidities which are an increasing issue as our cohort of people with HIV in Australia increases with age. The conference will also cover the best way of managing HIV and HIV in different populations. 

Theme C:

  • PrEP
  • Gay Men, Sex and HIV Risk Reduction
  • Culture, Sex and Technology 
  • Evaluating Current HIV Strategies
  • Evaluating Rapid HIV Testing
  • HIV Epidemiology in the Region 

Theme D:

  • Bingo-90/90/90
  • Criminalisation
  • Migration
  • Actions and Outcomes
  • Power, Partnerships and Participation
  • Sex Identity and Resistance