2015 World STI & HIV Congress and Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference
5 December 2015

Program Highlights! 
World STI & HIV Congress
13-16 September 2015
Brisbane, Australia

For the first time in its 40 year history the International Society for STD Research (ISSTDR) is holding its biennial meeting below the equator, not to mention the eastern hemisphere.

Once again the meeting is being held in conjunction with the International Union against STIs (IUSTI) ensuring a vibrant event with delegates from around the world. The ISSTDR and IUSTI are the preeminent global bodies dedicated to research into STIs, HIV and sexual health, from basic science through to population health.

In 2015, the Congress will incorporate The Australasian Sexual Health Conference and be hosted by the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance (ASHA) and the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM). The meeting will be held back-to-back with the Annual Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference, 16-18 September, and discounted combined registration will be available.

The theme of the 2015 Congress will be "Up and Coming" with a focus on the promotion of new and outstanding international researchers whilst ensuring a strong basic science track.  It will highlight research from the Asia Pacific region and promote research into the sexual health of vulnerable populations; including Indigenous people, ethnic minorities, and sexual/gender minorities.

Emerging themes include:
• Challenges and opportunities for STI control programs
• Antimicrobial resistance
• Multipurpose technologies – strategies that simultaneously prevent multiple reproductive health risks; including unwanted pregnancies, STIs and HIV infection
• Rapid diagnostics, point-of-care and home tests
• STIs and maternal-child health outcomes
• Cancer, infection and vaccination
• Research translation into policy and practice

Our host city, Brisbane, is a sophisticated international destination with direct flights to many countries and the gateway to many of the Region’s attractions including the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s Red Centre. We look forward to seeing you downunder in 2015!

Professor Basil Donovan, Chair of the World STI & HIV Congress 2015, President of ISSTDR
Professor David Lewis, Co-Chair of the World STI & HIV Congress 2015, President of IUSTI

Congress Opening Speaker Confirmed

Professor Frazer's current research interests include immunoregulation and immunotherapeutic vaccines for papillomavirus associated cancers.  He trained as a renal physician and clinical immunologist in Edinburgh, Scotland before emigrating in 1980 to Melbourne, Australia to pursue studies in viral immunology and autoimmunity at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research with Prof Ian Mackay. In 1985 he moved to Brisbane to take up a teaching post with the University of Queensland, and he now holds a personal chair as head of the Diamantina Institute. Professor Frazer holds research funding from several Australian and US funding bodies and is a director of a biotechnology start-up company, Coridon, with an interest in optimising and targeting polynucleotide vaccine protein expression. He is president of Cancer Council Australia, and advises the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation on papillomavirus vaccines. He won the 2005 CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science, the Australian of the Year in 2006, and the Prime Minister's Prize for Science in 2008.