Monday, 28 July 2014
8:00 am - 8:30 amREGISTRATION
In the Foyer opposite the Exhibition Area
8:30 am - 8:40 amOPENING - DAY ONE
Welcome to the Information Management / Records Symposium
Ewen Church, Executive Member, ALGIM
ISO 15489 - What next?
Mike Chapman, NZ Delegate, ISO TC46/SC11, ALGIM

ISO 15489, the cornerstone standard for record keeping, is being reviewed. The review process has been underway for 18 months and is nearly complete. What will the new standard look like? What have been the issues faced by the review team? And why won't everybody get everything they want?

Kaizen and Record Keeping – how the Kaizen tools can benefit record keeping
Lesley Officer, Manager Administration Services, New Plymouth District Council
Pravina Phillips, Co-ordinator Administration Services Records Team, New Plymouth District Council

Kaizen is commonly associated with the production industry. The Kaizen concepts, principles and tools can be applied to all industries and organisations. The toolsets are basic, simple and easy to use. Applying these concepts, principles and tools in the New Plymouth District Council Records team was not without its challenges. 
This presentation will cover how the Kaizen toolsets have been applied in the Records team, the benefits gained and the ongoing use of these toolsets to make them a more effective and efficient team.

FINALIST ONE | Classification implementation and the ‘where do I put my stuff’ issue
Renee Coutts, Information Management Analyst, Waipa District Council
Andrea Houlihan, Information Management Supervisor, Waipa District Council

Historical classification structures were once developed at Waipa District Council but have since become a significant constraint to their records keeping best practice. The suitability of legacy classifications to current information management process was highlighted when some organisational departments became heavily reliant on network drives and were continually asking "Where do I put my stuff?". This presentation covers the classification design techniques developed during the project which involves a three step approach. Implementation methods and change management will also be elaborated on as well as, lessons learnt and where the classification project goes from here.

Using analytics to measure recordkeeping adoption
Olivia Kwant, Records Management Support, Waitaki District Council
Lynley Scott, Records and Purchasing Officer, Waitaki District Council
Kristy Archer, Senior Consultant, Information Leadership

Waitaki District Council have just gone live with their new EDRMS and intranet. Key to their adoption and training strategy has been using a range of reports to give the whole organisation, from leadership to frontline staff, a clear picture of how the project is progressing.

This presentation will take you through the range of reporting being used, explain how it is put together and take you through the benefits that are exciting users.

FINALIST TWO | Trove Implementation at Wellington City Council
Adrian Humphris, Team Leader, City Archives, Wellington City Council
Toni Thompson, Information Centre Manager, Wellington City Council

Opentext Content Server is currently being implemented at Wellington City Council (WCC), replacing five legacy systems. Trove, or The Repository of Virtually Everything, has been successfully piloted and is now being rolled out across the Council. When rollout is complete Trove will present a single view of council electronic and physical records and archives, and allow end-to-end record lifecycle management.

In this presentation Adrian will cover progress to date, celebrate WCC's successes and discuss what lessons they have learned, and look to where the future will take them.

10:35 am - 11:05 amMORNING TEA & NETWORKING
In the Exhibition Area
11:05 am - 11:35 amAWARD PRESENTATION
FINALIST THREE | Archives Central
Michael Biggs, Senior Archivist, MW LASS - Archives Central
Natalie Dewson, Senior Electronic Archives Advisor, Horizons Regional Council

Archives Central is a joint archive established by the councils in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region and is managed and run by Manawatu-Wanganui Local Authority Shared Services Ltd (MW LASS Ltd). The goal of the Archives Central project is to provide safe and compliant storage for the archives, an online database for public and staff access and find suitable approaches for the management of digital records and archives. In 2010 the database ( was launched to the public, with each council’s archives being catalogued and added over the next four years. In 2012 the archives building was officially opened with the archives of five councils stored. A sixth council joined the project in 2013. The Born Digital element was established in 2012 to assist participating councils to deal with a digital archive future. A suite of advice and established standards was assembled and signed off as recommended standards by Councils in 2013.

11:35 am - 12:05 pmAWARD PRESENTATION
FINALIST FOUR | HerBi - The all-powerful EDRMS
Kahl Olsen, ICT Manager, Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Yvette Mackay, Information Management Manager, Hawke's Bay Regional Council

This EDRMS is not just a document management system, it's a digital workspace! HerBi has revolutionised the way Hawke's Bay Regional Council looks at and manages records. It has made recordkeeping seamless and provides a digital workspace that makes staff life easier while ensuring information and records are PRA compliant, easy to file, easy to find, complete and accurate. Above all, it is a platform upon which we will continue to build value add functionality making everything have more purpose.

12:05 pm - 12:35 pmAWARD PRESENTATION
FINALIST FIVE | Building records back-scanning project - pilot
Joy Kopa, Records and Information Manager, Tararua District Council

Hardcopy Building Records - words that make a Records Team cringe, made worse by a challenge from Government - “e-Records are the future ... Make it happen!” Success would need the full support of Council, and until now “Records” was a backroom process unseen by all – including Councillors. Our approach was to develop a pilot project to test our processes and productivity, and enable us to estimate costs, time frames and staffing needs before presenting to Council for support & funding. In all, ten people were involved (records grew from one to seven FTE for six weeks), we scanned 20% of building packets, changed the mind-set of Council and achieved two new FTEs for the records team. The pilot commenced 7 January 2014.

12:35 pm - 1:35 pmLUNCH & NETWORKING
In the Exhibition Area
ALGIM IM Toolkit update - RDS Module
Dr Susan Skudder, Director, SWIM Ltd

In 2013 Archives New Zealand revised the Local Government Schedule. It is now the List of Protected Records for Local Government.
The ALGIM IM Toolkit RDS was first developed in 2004. It has been revised to take account of the new List of Protected Records and the disposal provisions of the Public Records Act 2005 as well as suggestions from users. Susan will discuss the changes to the module and how it can be used.

Make it easy, make it work: An update from Archives New Zealand
Kylie Welch, Advisor, Archives New Zealand

Over the past year the Client Capability Directorate at Archives NZ has been working to improve their services for the public sector. They've simplified and clarified their standards, updated their framework for appraisal and disposal of records, taken a new approach to training delivery working closely with the private sector, and are developing an online ‘records toolkit’ to provide better access to guidance and advice. This presentation will give an overview of recent improvements and initiatives with a focus on the implications for Local Government.

The new Records Management Standard for the public sector - what you need to know
Patrick Power, Manager, Recordkeeping Capability, Archives New Zealand

From 1 July 2014 a new Records Management Standard came into effect across the public sector, including Local Government. The standard was developed by Archives New Zealand and has been issued under the Public Records Act. It applies to all local authorities and council controlled organisations. At the same time the Chief Archivist has issued an instruction on the management of local authority archives under the Public Records Act.

This presentation will cover:
  • why we developed the standard
  • what it means for local authorities and council controlled organisations
  • how you can use it to test and improve your organisation's information management
  • what Archives New Zealand is doing to support the standard
  • any questions you have.
In the Exhibition Area
Transformation of an Intranet
Lea Reid, Team Leader - Document Management, Dunedin City Council

How do you take a "built for purpose" Customer Services tool that is 17 years old kicking and screaming into the 21st century? How do you transfer vital business knowledge built up over this time without losing the value and functionality? How do you do it in such a way that this is the stepping stone to a “Digital Workplace”? Good questions and, in hind sight, not easy. Here's how the team did it at the Dunedin City Council.

Paper-light environment - update on HDC's journey
Brooke Daniells, Team Leader Information Management, Horowhenua District Council

Horowhenua District Council have just upgraded to TRIM 7.3. Key to this upgrade has been gaining buy-in across the organisation for a more paper-less environment, electronic processing of information, building an extensive classification structure and working one-on-one with each staff member over the previous year. This presentation will take you on their journey and also cover some of the key aspects of one of the sub-projects "Operation SYSO".

From the CEO’s perspective
David Clapperton, CEO, Horowhenua District Council

David's passion for Local Government and strength in strategic and analytical thinking introduced a platform for Information Management to thrive at Horowhenua District Council (HDC). It was this platform that sparked a journey of good to great for HDC in the approach to managing information as an asset and delivering innovative and exciting initiatives throughout the organisation. Listen to how David has inspired HDC to create positive change and the endless possibilities on offer for you.

Conclusion of Day One & ALGIM prize draws
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