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ACTE Commons: Putting YOU at the Center of Your Education

Join us in the new ACTE Commons where, an open learning space customized just for you! 

The ACTE Commons is based off the seven spokes of the ACTE Ferris Wheel, featured below. Choose which spoke you want to learn more about and then you can choose between one of the following learning styles below (click on learning style learn more):

What's New? - Check out demos of new, innovative and disruptive technology, apps, products or services that will influence the future of the travel industry.  Companies include:
  • Bizly
  • Conichi
  • DUFL
  • Fairfly
  • Flightsayer
  • Mezi
  • Mozio
  • Peoplocity
  • Stabilitas
  • Tripkicks

Join the Conversation - Choose a table with a preset topic that interests you to share ideas and solutions with other peers. The Topics below will be posted on tables within their spoke (topics are subject to change): 

All things Booking and TMC

The TMC and Corporate Booking

Bots, Re-Shop, Mobile etc.

Compliance, Policy, and Transparency
All Things Air Transportation

Airline Agreements, Relationships, Loyalty/Perks, Service etc. 

Flight Landscape Changes: LLC, ULLC, New Entrants, Open Skies/Regulations

Fly Current Events: Electronics Ban, Visa/Immigration, Duty of Care etc. 

Fly Policy, Ancillary Spend, Traveller Benefits, Compliance, etc.

All things Ground Transportation

Duty of Care, Safety, Legal, & Regional Provider Options

Ground's Future: New Entrants, Autonomous Vehicles, Influencing Traveller Adoption 

Managing/Controlling Expense, Compliance, Policy Changes

All Things Sleep, Lodging or Accommodation
 The Traditional RFP and Alternatives

Pricing, LRA, Audit/Compliance, Ancillary Spend
 Virtual Payments, Data, Reporting, Transparency

Sourcing and Non-Traditional Lodging

All Things Collaborate, Meetings & Events, and Virtual
Virtual, Tele/Videoconference, Remote Workers

Small Meetings and Events

MICE, Event Trends,/Management, ROI, New Tools & Trends
 All Things Pay, Cards, Expense, 3rd Parties, & Finance 
Virtual Cards

Policy, Fraud, Abuse, Reporting, Compliance

Expense Management, New Technologies/Options

Ghost Cards, Single Use, Mobile, Digital, etc. 

All Things Support, General Policy/Compliance, Data & Duty of Care
Data, KPIs, Using Data Effectively, Predictive Data, AI/Machine Learning

Duty of Care, Traveller Tracking, Safety/RiskHealthy & Related Policy and Support
General Travel Programme Policy: Simplify, Communicate, Mobile-Friendly

Ask for Advice - Get expert solutions to any issues that you may have. Check out the topics and table hosts below: 

Topic: Table Host:
Artificial Intelligence's Role in Corporate Travel
Jessica Ding, Senior Consultant, IBM
Traveller-Centric Changes for the Modern Workplace Yvonne Moya, Director, Travel Services, Unilever
Creating Presentations that Win Stakeholder Buy-In
Doug Carter, Presentation Consultant, Presentations Etc., Inc.
All Things T&E - from best practices, policy, compliance, implementation, reporting, and gamification, nothing is off-limits
Eric Baum, Acquis Consulting and Debra Moss, Acquis Consulting
How Activating Space Can Transform Your Meetings, Conferences or Events
Sara Weller, Marketing Manager, Steelcase Event Experiences
Excelling as a Newcomer to the Industry Meghan Johnson, Assistant Manager, Estee Lauder
Managing Corporate Travel in India
Ashish Kishore, Country Head, India, HRG dnata
Figuring out the Right Data Strategy to Optimise your KPIs & Achieve your Travel Goals
Keesup Choe, CEO, PI
Managing Corporate Travel in Japan and Asia
Hiromi Tometaka, Director, Head of Corporate Services, Societe Generale; and Sawako Hidaka, Special Consultant, Tokyo Conference 2017, ACTE
Hotel or Airline Sourcing and other Procurement Questions
Pamela McTeer, Senior Consultant, GoldSpring Consulting LLC
Industry Newcomers: Ask me Anything!
Jennifer Byiers, Vice President, Finance - Global Sourcing, Duff & Phelps, LLC 
The Hotel Accreditation Programme and What it Means for Corporate Travellers
Winfried Barczaitis, COO, BCHA
Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Digital Currencies for our Industry
Patricia Partelow, Lead Account Partner, Digital Strategy & Experience, IBM Global Business Services
Managing Corporate Travel in Brazil and Latin America Vivianne Martins, Chairman of the Board, ALAGEV, Marcela Silva, Travel Coordinator, Roche Brazil, and Patricia Thomas Mazelli, President, ALAGEV
Managing Global Employee Sites when you are based in the United States
Jack Reynaert, Manager, Global Travel Meetings, Meritor

Network - Meet new corporate travel professionals, suppliers and industry experts in a casual setting.

Post It Up! - Join others in sharing ideas and issues to then discuss or build off of what is shared. 

Education for New York City will build upon the travel manager as the supporting hub, with each of the spokes representing the various components that must come together in a unified fashion for a successful travel programme. Key focus areas within each of these spokes will surround the evolving expectations and needs of the modern business traveller, and support to the travel managers with both today's challenges and tomorrow's future.