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Education Breakout Sessions

Education will build upon the travel manager as the supporting hub, with each of the spokes representing the various components that must come together in a unified fashion for a successful travel programme. Key focus areas within each of these spokes will surround the evolving expectations and needs of the modern business traveller, and support to the travel managers with both today's challenges and tomorrow's future.

The 'Pay' Landscape of 2017: A 360 Perspective for Travel Managers
The use of debit and credit cards for online payments is slowly but surely changing. In 2016, alternate forms of payment (AFP) surpassed credit cards with 51% of global eCommerce volume - what about in 2017? In an increasingly confusing landscape of new and different players, it’s essential to understand all the elements, what role each vendor plays and how it all fits together. Who will you need to work with; and what changes do you need to prepare to build into your program?

Teri Adams, GTP, Americas' Traveler Experience Manager, Global Procurement Services (GPS), Cisco Systems
Rachel Morowitz
, Director, Product Development, UATP
Mike Werrell, Strategic Sales Manger - Virtual Payments Team, WEX

Compliments of: UATP

The Future of Travel 'Pay' - Don't Hate the Pay-er, Hate the Game
Keeping up with the changes in pay leaves many travel managers feeling like they’re caught up in a never-ending game. Just as you embrace a new trend such as virtual cards, blockchain pulls ahead and potentially discredit everything you’ve done so far. What and where the next key technology will lead us is a tossup, but a closer look by our experts will help you unravel the complexities of the future of pay; including bitcoin, mobile apps and more.

Teri Adams, GTP, Americas' Traveler Experience Manager, Global Procurement Services (GPS), Cisco Systems
Simon Barker
, CEO, Conferma

Make Modern Payment Solutions Your Reality
This operational & instructive ‘how to’ addresses single use cards, virtual cards, and other current & emerging payment solutions. Hear firsthand from your peers as they provide their own experiences, practices, and pitfalls when successfully implementing these solutions.

Kelly Christner, Senior Corporate Travel Manager, ACT
Juliann Pless, SVP, globalVCard Travel, CSI globalVCard

Compliments of: CSI globalVcard

Using Predictive Data to Effectively Shape Tomorrow's Policies
With recent strides in data aggregation and consolidation, we have access to more usable data than ever. The key to unlocking its power is in a travel manager’s ability to interpret information, identify key trends and base decisions off traveller behaviors and more. Learn to leverage predictive data to maximize savings and negotiate the most beneficial terms for your travel programme.

Eric Bailey, Global Travel & Venue Group Lead, Microsoft Global Procurement Group
Dasha Godunova, Global Watson & Industry Solutions, Travel & Tourism, IBM
Cindy Heston, Director, Travel and Events, Anthem Inc. 

Compliments of: HRG

The Evolution of Corporate Air Travel Agreements & Relationships
How do travel managers negotiate through the popular distribution channels that now impact airline marketing and communication strategies; and how do they influence traveller buying decisions?

Kristian Collard, Global Travel Services Manager - Workplace Services, Enterprise & Technology Solutions, Unilever
Kathleen Kaden, Head of Travel & Fleet Operations - The Americas Services, Novartis Business Services
Michael Lyons
, Regional Head of Travel Services, HSBC
Richard Oliver, Country Manager - USA, Qatar Airways
Richard Savva, Director, Changing Times

Compliments of: Qatar Airways

  Small Meetings Management: Reining in a Rogue Niche
Two thirds of all meetings worldwide are small, with under 50 participants. Get ahead of the issues plaguing small meetings by discussing solutions for sourcing, booking, tracking and managing small meetings, such as:
  • Aligning business travel and meeting programs processes
  • Policies that streamline meeting RFPs, planning, and logistics
  • Optimizing ROI on Meeting Travel Expense
  • Management of decentralized, rogue spending within an organization
Robert Ambrozy, Director of Hotel Solutions, North America, HRS - Global Hotel Solutions
Rex Heineman, Director, Indirect Procurement - Travel & Professional Services, Ecolab
Jack Reynaert, Manager, Global Travel/Meetings, Meritor, Inc.

Tomorrow's Successful Manager
Turn traditional mentoring on its head. Learn what reverse mentoring can mean for the experienced travel manager, by exploring insights on emerging technologies, social media trends and a new perspective from a younger generation. Close the generation gap, stay in touch with the future technology and empower a new generation!

Rosemary Maloney, Senior Manager, Global Travel, Coach
Jenn Smukler, Director of Sales, Oviation Reserve, Ovation Corporate Travel

Becoming a Travel Programme CEO: Skills of Effective Business Leaders
Move away from the misrepresentation of the travel manager role as an order-taker or paper-pusher and move towards becoming the Travel CEO. Broaden your thought process and overall management of your travel programme to create a versatile role as the Travel CEO. 

Karen Hutchings,Global Travel, Meetings and Events Leader, ERNST & YOUNG
Michelle (Mick) Lee
, Managing Director, ARROW212

Compliments of: Global Solutions, Travel Management by UNIGLOBE

Understanding the Modern Business Traveller: Implications for Successful Travel Programmes 
Learn how to align your travel programme with your travellers by reviewing recent research and other travel programmes to better understand: 
  • The profile of the modern traveller
  • What modern day travellers want and need from their travel programme
  • How satisfied travellers are with your travel programme and what you can do to change the level of satisfaction 
  • How working with travellers can lead to cost savings
Julia Fidler, Global Employee Engagement & User Experience, MSTravel, Microsoft Procurement
Evan Konwiser, VP, Digital Traveler, American Express Global Business Travel
Pam McTeer, Senior Consultant, GoldSpring Consulting LLC
Joseph Postiglione, Vice President - Global Procurement, NBA

Compliments of: American Express Global Business Travel

Leveraging Data for Travel Management Insights
Attendees and data experts will debate and discuss the industry's biggest data challenges. No pitches, no PowerPoint, no formal presentation - just an open exchange of ideas and expert opinions.  

Michael Lyons, Regional Head of Travel Services, HSBC
Keesup Choe, CEO, PI
Susan Hopley, CEO & Managing Director, The Data Exchange
Dave Lukas, Vice President/CSO, Grasp Technologies
Joseph Postiglione, Vice President - Global Procurement, NBA

Captivate your Stakeholders
Winning the buy-in and support of your key stakeholder (whether they are board members and executives, travellers, or clients) takes more than the ability to put together a sales pitch. Succeeding in today’s business environment requires a new strategy and a willingness to think differently. Rohit Bhargava one of ACTE’s top-rated speakers of 2016; will focus on helping you to create a new strategy to help bridge the gap in communication with key stakeholders to win them over.

Rohit Bhargava, Founder + Chief Trend Curator, The Non-Obvious Company

Compliments of: Global Solutions, Travel Management by UNIGLOBE

Envisioning a Robust Travel Technology Strategy
New technology is popping up every day providing new appeals to your traveller. Learn how to create a robust technology strategy by: 
  • Mapping out technology elements that offer a great travel experience while minimizing costs 
  • Creating a solid strategy and vision of where you want to take your programme in the next 1-2 years
  • Learning the right questions to ask when looking at new technology
  • Putting yourself in your traveller's shoes to learn what technology is best fit for them
Andrew Jordan
, CTO, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Lisa Jochum Keller, Global Travel Program Manager, Accenture
Ben Park, Director, Procurement & Travel, PAREXEL International

Compliments of: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

The Comprehensive Sleep Programme of 2017
Change the way you look at sleep as we move into 2017! Balance your sleep programme portfolio to include: 
  • Innovations for developing your overnight stay strategy to include traditional hotel and host/owner accommodations
  • Viable alternatives, such as sleeping classes on long haul flights
  • The evolving landscape and the traveller experience
  • The best values considering the rapid changes in the market
David Holyoke, Head of Business Travel, Airbnb
Kelly McDonald
, VP, Global Corporate Services, Guggenheim Partners, LLC
David Mitchell, Sr. Vice President Supplier Relations & Global Hotel Strategy, BCD Travel
Steve Reynolds, CEO & Founder, TripBAM, Inc.

Compliments of: TripBam

Driving Adoption: Keys to Successful Programme Implementation & Execution
Signing a deal with a ground transportation provider, or any travel provider, does not guarantee your travellers will enthusiastically embrace and adopt the opportunity to use that new provider. Delve into data that sheds light on what actually influences adoption; and take home tactics to put to use to ensuring that your travellers seek out your preferred providers. Hear from buyers who will share their success stories.

Brinn Sanders, Regional Vice President, Mobility Solutions, Lyft
Steve Sitto
, ACTE Board Member
Dorian Stonie, Senior Manager Global Travel, Salesforce
Rosemary Maloney, Senior Manager, Global Travel, Coach

Compliments of: Lyft
Telling the Story: Engage your Clients with new Approaches - Suppliers Only Workshop
Suppliers at ACTE events know that the remarkably savvy buyers at these events are most receptive to new and more nuanced approaches than the traditional sales pitch. Rohit Bhargava in this workshop will focus on guiding you to think differently when crafting your brand’s story in ways that resonate and captivate buyers to create lasting relationships.

Rohit Bhargava, Founder + Chief Trend Curator, The Non-Obvious Company

All subjects, and session details subject to change. There is no individual session registration. All sessions will fill on a first come, first served basis.