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  Keynote Speaker

Navigating the Future: Ethical AI and Recruitment in the Modern Workplace

Richard Foster-Fletcher
Chair, MKAI.org: Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence

In this insightful one-hour talk, we will delve into the rapidly evolving realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace, with a focus on ethical considerations and its transformative role in recruitment processes.

We’ll explore the implications of AI in recruitment, addressing critical concerns such as bias mitigation, transparency, and the balance between automation and human judgment. You’ll gain valuable insights into how AI can be leveraged to enhance recruitment strategies, ensuring a fair, efficient, and forward-thinking approach to talent acquisition.
This is particularly relevant for career advisors guiding the next generation of MBA and master's students, and employers seeking to attract top talent from these pools.


General Sessions

Fireside Chat With Employers


Nicola Groves, Warwick Business School

  • Sara Stevens, Eli Lilly
  • Glen McGowan, HSBC

We have a unique opportunity to engage with two leading multinational employers and gain insights into their strategies for recruiting early talent. During the session, we will explore the challenges they face in the current climate, including skill gaps, artificial intelligence, and availability. Our goal is to understand their objectives and needs in greater detail.  We will break out into groups to discuss the different important variables when hiring early talent and work through the considerations. Our aim is to establish strong relationships with these employers and ensure that our career services align with their requirements. With their input, we will strive to create a more effective and efficient system that will benefit both the employers and the employees.

Problem Solving: Crowdsourcing & Collaboration

Join this interactive session where groups of peers will crowdsource solutions to common issues shared by members. Walk away with tangible ideas you can implement in your workplace.

Building Relationships: A Structured Networking Activity

Whether you’re building trust within a team or encouraging students to build connections, this structured networking activity will help you learn more your networking style and deepen your connection with others attending the conference.  Come experience it for yourself and have a practical exercise to take back to share within your organisation.

Concurrent Sessions

Round tables by functional area

These sessions allow conference attendees who share similar roles at their university or company to connect and discuss ideas, ask questions and share information in a session of like-minded colleagues. Challenge your ideas, thoughts and the way you work! Groups include:

  • Career Center Leaders
  • Career Coaches
  • Employer Relations
  • Employers

Concurrent Sharing Sessions

Concurrent sharing sessions allow attendees to break into smaller groups to hear best practices and discuss topics of interest. Following are some of the sessions that will be presented:

  • Career Activism for Aspiring, Emerging and Established Leaders
    Looking for a way to engage students in career development conversations? This session introduces a practical and no cost diagnostic tool that can be used to engage students in career coaching by business schools, longer term organisational career thinking by employers or as a tool for personal career management.   The visual aspect of the tool guides people through a process that has them considering their career moves, even when they don’t have a goal in mind. Attendees will experience the tool as they look at their own career through its lens and produce useful reflective questions to deepen their understanding of where to focus their time, effort, and energy in their own career development.
  • Careers and Sustainability- Making students careers more Green
    This session will encourage delegates to think about the broad range of roles that are connected to a sustainability agenda. The ‘Specialist and Conscious’ framework will help those who are not sustainability experts to support and inform students in understanding how to build more ‘Green’ and sustainable careers. This suggested framework will provide a practical way of helping students navigate the complex and ever growing area of sustainability related careers, whilst employers will have the opportunity to consider how to attract candidates with sustainability related experience/mindsets.
  • EDI/DEI - Careers services and Recruitment
    This session will focus on changes to recruitment priorities and processes relating to EDI/DEI and will explore the challenges faced by (dis)abled students and share best practice on how careers professionals can best support students to prepare.
  • Empowering Future Leaders: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Student Coaching and Leadership Development
    This session focuses on the innovative use of AI tools and platforms to enrich coaching and leadership skills development in MBA/Masters students. The session will feature a comprehensive case study from Warwick Business School, showcasing the effective application of AI in student development. Attendees will gain valuable insights into integrating AI technologies into their skill development program. The session concludes with an interactive Q&A segment, encouraging a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences, and discussing practical approaches for implementing AI in career services.
  • Empowering Students Learning and Creativity through a Peer Coaching Values Workshop
    This session will share a non-traditional approach to the delivery of the Values workshop, an important step for graduate students to achieve their career goals and take their professional journey to the next level. Instead of being led by the facilitator, students are empowered to coach themselves and each other. Through peer coaching/learning, creatively synthesizing their findings into an organic piece of visualized work, and brainstorming future options together, student engagement is maximized and the best learning outcome achieved. The session will also introduce Edgar Schein’s concept/framework of ‘Career Anchors’, which is used to help students identify their work values.
  • How to Adapt to Tech Recruiting in 2024
    The tech ecosystem has undergone one of the most significant economic shifts we've seen in years. As MBA students gear up for another challenging tech recruiting cycle, we'll discuss how MBA students and schools should adapt for tech recruiting in 2024 & 2025, including how artificial intelligence will be shaping the tech industry.
    We'll do a deep-dive on what's required to be a successful tech candidate, targeted at both MBA schools and employers. We will be catering this presentation for EMEA data specifically.
  • The Importance of Training Masters Students to Succeed in Salary Negotiations
    A main objective for Career Services Professionals is to equip students with tools they need to succeed in their job search: and salary negotiation is one of them. This session will address the salary disparities due to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation & other protected characteristics. Successful salary negotiation will not only increase the value of the remuneration package of the first job of the graduate, it will also increase their confidence and stimulate them to negotiate for future promotions and positions as well.
  • Improving Our Use of Digital Learning Tools for Career Management and Professional Development Content
    The way students are learning is changing and as career professionals and employers we need to be ready to experiment with new ways of teaching career and professional development skills and recruiting effectively. The session will start with a brief overview of the digital content development journey the LBS Career Centre have been on for the last two years. This will include how we have evolved our online content to support students with their career learning as well as their professional skills development and what we hope to achieve going forward. We will then open up the discussion to exchange ideas on further innovation.
  • Learn to Speak the Language of Gen Z - Reworking Career Services and Employer Opportunities to Connect Effectively
    In this session, the ESSCA School of Management will discuss new ways to incorporate student input into career programming, including freedom for students to participate in and own their career journey, curriculum collaborations with alumni and faculty, and new ways of working with recruiters. The session will also include incorporate the results from a major European study in which 5,000 young people from Generation Z were interviewed to uncover additional insights into student engagement.
  • Level Up: Harnessing Gamification and Nudges in MBA/Masters Careers to increase Student Engagement
    “Level Up" is an immersive session exploring the power of gamification and nudges in the MBA/Masters career landscape. The session includes an A/B test showcase, revealing tangible impacts on student behavior and outcomes. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of gamification principles, practical insights into implementing these techniques in their programs, and strategies to make career guidance more interactive and effective, much like Duolingo's approach to language learning but focused on career development for MBA/Masters students.
  • Making Smart Career Decisions in Uncertain Times
    This session delves into the transformation of career decision-making models in today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) job market, where career transitions are increasingly common. It highlights the limitations of widely-used models that overlook search costs, suggesting they may no longer be entirely relevant. Participants will gain insights from recent decision science research on smart heuristics, or rules of thumb, tailored for career choices. The session introduces a novel smart heuristic specifically designed for navigating careers. Interactive breakouts will engage attendees in discovering and discussing additional practical heuristics for making informed career decisions in a dynamic employment landscape.
  • Organizing and Leveraging Alumni to Unlock Student Career Opportunities
    BYU Marriott (US) leans heavily on Alumni Boards/Councils to consistently achieve high placement rates. Students benefit from a well-organized Alumni network with clear purpose, ranging from a National Advisory Council...senior/C-suite alumni who advocate and influence, to a Young Professional Advisory Council...recent grads who assist and mentor current students. Majors/MBA Tracks have specialized Advisory Boards...officer/director-level Alumni who regularly advise students and faculty. London Business School (UK) engages alumni for the benefit of student employment outcomes through a range of initiatives across the organization: networking fairs, alumni panels, student club activity, and a mentoring platform. Relationships are at the heart of this.
  • Revealing the Secrets to Master the Rankings: what worked for SDA Bocconi
    From 29th worldwide in 2020 to 3rd worldwide (with Columbia) in 2024. What an incredible result. How did SDA Bocconi achieve these results? In this session the Head of Career Development will share (almost all) secrets of the recipe. Huge investments were made to improve every single KPI, starting from the news campus, however the services that go beyond program delivery were completely turned around. Early onboarding to understand student profiles, clustering training activities, offering experiential learning, external individual and group coaching and mentoring, Alumni programs and a new career platform: our super powers that led us to our success!
  • Speed Learning
    In these quick fire chat learning sessions, each table will be hosted by an MBA Career Services professional or employer who will lead the discussion on a strategy, tool or best practice they’ve found to be effective in coaching, recruiting and navigating talent towards a successful career. Attendees will get the opportunity to question the host, share insights and collaborate in an intimate setting before moving on to the next table.

And more! Check back often as additional sessions are confirmed.