CYPSY Bookstore

This curated selection aims to offer attendees a rich resource of literature that explores the multifaceted intersections of technology, psychology, and society. 

Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood, Melanie Keep, Daria J. Kuss

The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology

Alison Attrill


Alison Attrill, Chris Fullwood

Applied Cyberpsychology

Vladlena Benson, John McAlaney

Cyber Influence and Cognitive Threats

Vladlena Benson, John McAlaney

Emerging Cyber Threats and Cognitive Vulnerabilities 

Rafael Calvo, Sidney D'Mello, Jonathan  Gratch, Arvid Kappas

The Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing

David J. Charmer

Reality+: Virtual Worlds and The Problems of Philosophy

Irene Connolly, Marion Palmer, Hannah Barton, Grainne Kirwan

An Introduction to Cyberpsychology

Lee Hadlington


Harry Halpin, Alexandre Monnin

Philosophical Engineering: Toward a  Philosophy of the Web 

Dave Harley, Julie Morgan, Hannah Frith

Cyberpsychology as Everyday Digital Experience across the Lifespan 

Olivia A. Hurley

Sport Psychology 

Robert L. Kane, Thomas D. Parsons

The Role of Technology in Neuropsychology

Linda K. Kaye

Issues and Debates in Cyberpsychology

Andrew Kissel, Erick Jose Ramirez

Exploring Extended Realities: Metaphysical, Psychological, and Ethical Challenges

Daria J. Kuss, Halley M. Pontes

Internet Addiction

Ciaran McMahon

The Psychology of Social Media

Joanne Meredith, David Giles, Wyke Stommel

Analysing Digital Interaction

Don Norman

The Design of Everyday Things

Kent L. Norman

Cyberpsychology: An Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

Thomas D. Parsons

Clinical Neuropsychology and Technology

Thomas D. Parsons

Cyberpsychology and the Brain: The Interaction of Neuroscience and Affective Computing 

Thomas D. Parsons

Ethical Challenges in Digital Psychology and Cyberpsychology 

Thomas D. Parsons, Lin Lin, Deborah Cockerham

Mind, Brain and Technology: Learning in the Age of Emerging Technologies  

Rosalind W. Picard

Affective Computing

Andrew Power

Cyberpsychology and Society

Andrew Power, Grainne Kirwan

Cyberpsychology and New Media

John R. Suler

Psychology of the Digital Age: Humans Become Electric

Monica T. Whitty, Garry Young

Cyberpsychology: The Study of Individuals, Society, and Digital Technologies