IX International Olive Symposium 2023


Event Location

Alumni Center, 530 Alumni Lane, Davis, CA 95616
University of California, Davis, California


alumni center

About UC Davis

University of California, Davis (UC Davis) is the amongst the top-ranked agricultural universities in the United States and offers the opportunity to interact with a wide range of academics in multiple disciplines.
UC Davis is also home to the world-renowned UC Davis Olive Center.

The campus is in the Sacramento Valley, conveniently located near California's olive production areas, making it the perfect place to experience the harvesting and operating of table olive processors and oil mills first hand.

It is also located nearby major airports, along with some of California’s most beautiful cities and tourist sites, like San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Lake Tahoe. We look forward to welcoming you in California!

Things to Do in Davis

Davis, California is a beautiful, small college town located in Northern California, known for being the "Bicycle Capital of the World."
Visit our campus, shop our local stores in downtown, or bike in Davis's Central Park to get the full experience.
Go to our visitor's bureau to take advantage of what Davis has to offer!

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More cities and attractions:

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Weather in Davis - 89

The average high in September is 89°F (32°C), while the lows being 54°F (12°C).