VIII International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios

#24: Maria José Rubio-Cabetas - Atlas of Almond Nucleotide-Binding Leucine-Rich Repeat (NLR) Proteins

#73: Ignasi Batlle ‐ Identification of QTLs related to almond kernel quality

#121: Phoebe Gordon - Early results from an almond cultivar trial in California’s Central Valley 

#165: Thomas Gradziel - The Distribution of Wild Almond Species in Iran

#44: Mohammad Akbari (presented by Louise Ferguson) ‐ Pistachio Breeding Programs in Iran

#67: Emily Santos ‐ Impact of branch crop load on pistachio nuts growth and ripening; YM

#158: Francesco Marra - Light intercepted and carbon gain in nonbearing branches of pistachio positioned in different parts of the canopy

#46: Francisco Montoya ‐ Effect of non‐irrigation during pre‐harvest period in an almond orchard
under limited water resources
#161: Paula Guzman‐Delgado ‐ Relations between gas exchange and water potential in pistachio and almond as tool to improve management
#22: Morad Mortaz - Decreasing the Na+/Ca2+ ratio improves the performance of pistacia species grown in saline soils
#103: Roberta De Bei - Advancements in almond orchard intensification in Australia
#163: Jesús López‐Alcolea ‐ Drystock® One, a new almond rootstock from CEBAS‐CSIC
#12: Laura Torguet: Hard-shell almond cultivars as a barrier to prevent phytosanitary residues on kernels
#99: Thomas Gradziel ‐ A History of Major California Almond Varieties
#57: Federico Dicenta - Viability of extra-late almond cultivars from CEBAS-CSIC in cold areas of western US in current and future climatic scenarios 
#76: Margherita Germani: Causes and implications of potassium variablility in orchards (optimizing potassium management in almond)
#61: Morad Mortaz - The state of pistachio industry in Iran
#139: Henri Duval - The French project LEVEAB: Remove the barriers to growing almonds in organic farming
#104: Brittany Oswald ‐ Investigation of phytophthora diseases in Australian almonds; YM
#75: Mohammad Yaghmour - Effect of Almond fruit developmental stages and leaf nitrogen content on Hull rot caused by Aspergillus niger

#117: James Adaskaveg - New fungicides for managing Phytophthora diseases of almond

#28: Vicente Gonzalez ‐ Screening of natural resistance sources to fungal diseases in Prunus rootstock selections

#146: Greg Browne - Selection of new almond rootstocks with resistance to Phytophthora in California

#167: Len Tesoriero - Identifying the cause(s) and preventing a progressive dieback in Monterey and other almond varieties in Australia

#172: Carolyn Sluis - Solarization of Greenhouses for the eradication of pests in heat-tolerant crop

#64: Reza Ehsani - A VOC-based detection method for monitoring Aspergillus infection in pistachio

#13: Laura Torguet - Cupper products evaluation to control bacterial spot in almond crop 

#34: Carlos Agustí Brisach - Current knowledge of Septoria leaf spot of pistachio (Pistacia vera) in Spain: etiology and pathogen behavior under controlled conditions  

#35: Carlos Agustí Brisach - Etiology of branch dieback and general decline of tree nuts in southern Spain

#36: Carlos Agustí Brisach - Bases for the integrated management of red leaf blotch of almond trees in southern Spain 

#166: Hovik Hovhannisyan - Comparative study of indigenous almond varieties in Armenia

#88: Themis Michailides - Field Spread of the Biological Control Agent Aspergillus flavus AF36 in California Nut Orchards
#9: Joaquim Bellvert Rios - Feasibility of remote sensing as a tool to evaluate foliar symptoms of the red leaf blotch of almond
#123: Eric Kent - Analyzing the impact of tree architecture on almond productivity using three-dimensional reconstructions and model simulations