VIII International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios


Sunday, May 7 

1:00 PM Registration Check-in

6:00-8:00 PM Reception with light hors d'oeuvres

Monday, May 8 

8:30 AM Registration Check-in and Continental Breakfast - coffee, pastries and fruit

9:00 Opeing Session Welcome - Symposium Conveners: Bruce Lampinen, Louise Ferguson and Thomas Gradziel

9:05 ISHS Welcome - Ted Dejong, Vice President, ISHS and Giulia Marino, Chair, Temperate Nut Crops Working Group

9:15 Keynote Industry Speakers - Moderator: Louise Ferguson

  • Sebastian Saa, Almond Board of California
  • Bob Klein, California Pistachio Research Board

Keynote Presentations
Moderator: Bruce Lampinen, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

9:30 #98: History of Almond Improvement and Cultivation in California - Tom Gradziel, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

10:00 #157: Development of Pistachio as a Crop for California - Daniel Parfitt, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

10:30 Break and Poster Viewing

Concurrent Session 1: Rootstock and Scion Improvement
  1-A: Almond Rootstock and Scion Improvement
Moderator: Tom Gradziel, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
1-B: Pistachio Rootstock and Scion Improvement
Moderator: Patrick J. Brown, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
11:00 Keynote
#41: Federico Dicenta - Florida and Alaska: Two new soft-shelled self-compatible almond cultivars from CEBAS-CSIC 
#21: Grey Monroe - Pistachio Pan-Genome
11:15 #29: Maria José Rubio-Cabetas - Developing a phenotyping protocol to describe almond tree architecture traits influenced by rootstock genotype in commercial cultivars #62: Patrick J. Brown - Genetic variation for salt tolerance in elite pistachio rootstocks: a comparison of greenhouse and field studies  
11:30 #28: Vincente Conzalez - Screening of natural resistance sources to fungal diseases in Prunus rootstock selections #136: Chaehee Lee - Chromosome-scale Haplotype-resolved Genome Assemblies and a Pan-Genome of Six Pistachio Cultivars; YM
11:45 #31: Henri Duval - Diversity analysis of the INRAE and IRTA collection from the Axiom 60K SNP almond array #128: Carlos Trapero - Germination and growth in seedings from different pistachio varieties
12:00 PM #71: Ignasi Batlle - Marcona's Resynthesis #154: Ewelina Jacygrad - UCB-1 (Pistacia atlantica x P. integerrima) pistachio rootstock genotyping using SNP assay for tree size selection 
12:15 #127: Gina Sideli - Stability analysis and relationships between traits reveal specific and general adaptability of California varieties/selections from Regional Variety Trials  #156: Franklin Lewis - Propagation of pistachio (Pistacia spp.) rootstock species and hybrids for the United States; YM
12:30 #10: Shashiprabha Goonetilleke - High throughput markers to detect bacterial spot resistance in almond #142: Jaclyn Adaskaveg - Characterizing varietal differences of pistachio development and nut quality at harvest; YM

12:45 Lunch and Poster Viewing

Concurrent Session 2: Physiology
  2-A: Almond Physiology
Moderator: Katherine Jarvis-Shean, UC Cooperative Extension
2-B: Pistachio Physiology
Moderator: Phoebe Gordon, UC Cooperative Extension
2:15 Keynote
#114: Astrid Volder - Almond root population dynamics in response to irrigation and other management practices 
#68: Francesco Marra - A hypothetical model behind the molecular mechanism of alternate behaviour in Pistacia vera L
2:30 #2: Tamar Azoulay-Shemer - The wild almond P. arabica utilize stems as a major source tissue for photosynthesis #87: Shuxiao Zhang ‐ Cellular and morphological traits associated with shell split in pistachios (Pistacia vera)
2:45 #1: Hillel Brukental - Identifying the genetic components responsible for stem photosynthesis in the wild P. arabica almond species; YM #143: Yiduo Wei - Evaluating pistachio hull breakdown through color and texture analysis; YM
3:00 #20: Jonathan Fresnedo Ramir - Advances in the understanding of noninfectious bud failure in almond  #51: Li Tian - Investigation of the biochemical and physiological responses of pistachio buds to winter chill 
3:15 #49: Tamar Azoulay‐Shemer ‐ Optimization of rootstock‐scion interactions in almond to improve food security #89: Minmin Wang ‐ Investigating Chemical Composition and Morphogenesis of Pistachio Internal Kernel Discoloration
3:30 #7: Or Sperling - Physiological bases to precise almond fertigation #159: Valeria Imperiale - Bud abscission dynamics in Pistachio branches with different fruit load; YM

3:45 Break and Poster Viewing

Concurrent Session 3: Irrigation and Tree Water Use
  3-A: Almond Irrigation and Tree Water Use
Moderator: Mae Culumber, UC Cooperative Extension 
3-B: Pistachio Irrigation and Tree Water Use
Moderator: Giulia Marino, Dept. of Plant Science, UC Davis
4:15 Keynote
#3: Juan Sanchez - Monitoring the water status of almond orchards using the CWSI in southeast Spain. A multi-scale analysis
#108: Joan Griona i Gromis - Young Pistachio tree growth sensitivity to irrigation water supply and soil wetted volume 
4:30 #4: Francisco Montoya - Optimizing the Consumtive Irrigation Water Use in a Young Drip-irrigated Almond Orchard #147: Louise Ferguson - Pistachio Salinity Tolerance: Limits, Mechanisms and Management
4:45 #14: Or Sperling - Revisiting almond irrigation criteria and management paradigm with multi-type field measurements #54: Giulia Marino - Pistachio seasonal assimilation as affected by crop load under rainfed and full irrigated condition
5:00 #38: Grant Thorp (Presented by Roberta De Bei)- Water use efficiency in high density planting trials with almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb)  #91: Tasnim Kamal Shamma - Soil Water Budget of a Young Pistachio Orchard under Drip Irrigation in the Mesilla Valley, New Mexico, USA; YM
5:15 #45: Ramon Lopez-Urrea - Estimation of crop coefficients from canopy cover and height for a drip-irrigated young almond orchard #152: Charlie Chen - Evaluating effects of cover crops on crop coefficients and water use of a young pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) orchard; YM
5:30 #79: Abdelmoneim Mohamed - Deficit irrigation strategies on almond production in California: A brief review; YM  

5:45 Adjourn

6:00-8:00 PM Welcome Reception and Poster Viewing

Tuesday, May 9

Field Tour of Pistachio and Almond Nursery and Field Production


7:00 AM Depart from the Hyatt Place, Davis

Stop I: Young Pistachio Tree Training - Bullseye Farms
Pistachio tree training and orchard establishment

Speakers: Bruce Lampinene, Mae Culumber and Katherine Jarvis-Shean

8:45 AM Stop II: Almond Spacing Trial - Leslie J, Nickels Soil Laboratory
Speakers: Franz Niederholzer, Roger Duncan and Bruce Lampinen
10:15 AM

Stop III: Mature Almond and Pistachio Production - Strain Ranch
Tour of mature almond and pistachio orchard production 

Speakers: Jonathan Battig, Strain Ranch Manager, Bruce Lampinen and Louise Ferguson

12:45 PM

Stop IV: Almond and Pistachios Rootstock and Budded Tree Production - Sierra Gold Nurseries
Nursery Production of Orchard Trees. View generating rootstock for nursery production of almonds and pistachios

Speaker: Reid Robinson, CEO Sierra Gold Nurseries

  Lunch - Hosted by Sierra Gold Nurseries
3:30 PM

Stop V: Postharvest Sorting - Tomra Sorting Solutions
View state-of-the-art sorting equipment

Speaker: Brendan O'Donnell: Global Category Director - Nuts & Dried Fruits

  Reception with light hors d'oeuvres - Hosted by Tomra Food
6:00 PM Return to the Hyatt Place, Davis

Wednesday, May 10 

Orchard Management and Production: Industry/Grower's Day

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast - coffee, pastries and fruit

Concurrent Session 4: Orchard Production I
  4-A: Almond Orchard Production I
Moderator: Roger Duncan, UC Cooperative Extension
4-B: Pistachio Orchard Production I
Moderator: Craig Kallsen, UC Cooperative Extension
9:00 Keynote
#11: Xavier Miarnau - High-density production models in almond orchards
#97: Patrick H. Brown - Optimizing Plant Nutrient Management in Almond and Pistachio: Where we have been and where we need to go
9:15 #122: Sebastian Saa - Almond production withing the Iberian Peninsula (continued from above)
9:30 #50: Vivian Wauters - From soils to systems: Exploring outcomes of regenerative agriculutre principles for almond production #77: Masood Khezri - Do female and male pistachio trees respond differently to rest breaking agents? A study on the efficacy of hydrogen cyanamide and winter oil applications on pistachio bloom and yield
9:45 #169: William Hazzard - Epicormic and axillary branches show distinct epigenetic differences in almond (Prunus dulcis); YM #141: Matthew Roby - Cover crop impacts on net carbon exchange and evapotranspiration in an irrigated pistachio orchard
10:00 #116: Tim Pitt - Early performance of Australian multi-cultivar density optimisation trial   #18: Esau Martinex Burgos - Agroclimatic adaptation of pistachio varieties (Pistacia vera, l.) to rainfed conditions, and their productive efficiency in relation to the UCB1 and Pistacia terebinthus rootstocks 
10:15 #126: Mauro Lo Cascio - UAV imagery to assess agronomic, physiologic, and yield characteristics in a super-intensive Almond orchard  #151: Anish Sapkota - Estimating soil respiration from an irrigated pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) orchard using UAV-based multispectral and thermal images; YM

10:30 Break and Poster Viewing

Concurrent Session 5: Orchard Production II
  5-A: Almond Orchard Production II
Moderator: Franz Niederholzer, UC Cooperative Extension
5-B: Pistachio Orchard Production II
Moderator: Becky Wheeler-Dykes, UC Cooperative Extension 
11:00 Keynote
#56: Federico Dicenta - Risk of Early Frosts in Almond
#155: Bruce Lampinen - Alternative training systems for pistachio
11:15 #30: Maria José Rubio-Cabetas - Characterization of the scion/rootstock interaction effect of the molecular regulation of almond tree architecture #153: Gal Sapir - Mechnical pollination of Almonds and Pistachio

#164: Jesus López-Alcolea - Chill and heat requirements of new almond cultivars of CEBAS-CSIC 

#63: Reza Ehsani - Effect of Trunk Size on Effectiveness of Pistachio harvesters
11:45 #95: Maria José Rubio-Cabetas - Pilowred®, new low-vigor-conferring rootstock resistant to nematodes. First results of its agronomical performance in six locations #100: Mohammad Mehdi Maharlooei (presented by Arash Toudeshki) - The post-harvest process of pistachios in Iran
12:00 #52: Joseph Connell - Evaluation of rootstock cultivars for almond in California   #145: Gary Banuelos - Saline irrigation in young pistachio Kerman trees on UCB-1 and PG-1 rootstocks grown in field lysimeters


12:15 #132: Roger Duncan - Evaluation of almond rootstocks for commercial production in alkaline, clay loam soil irrigated with water high in chloride  #148: Gurreet Brar (presented by Louise Ferguson) - Plant ecophysiological traints in young pistachio trees on two rootstocks under saline irrigation
12:30 Lunch and Poster Viewing  


Concurrent Session 6: Orchard Production III
  6-A: Almond Orchard Production III
Moderator: Luke Milliron, UC Cooperative Extension
6-B: Pistachio Orchard Production III
Moderator: Curt Pierce, UC Cooperative Extension
2:00 Keynote
#118: Bent Holtz - Whole almond orchard recycling and the effect on second generation tree growth, yield, and soil fertility
#134: Isaya Kisekka - Multi-site Evaluation of Stem Water Potential Sensors for Guiding Irrigation Management in Almonds
2:15 #170: Mae Culumber - Influence of whole orchard recycling on nutrient cycling dynamics in replanted almonds orchards #144: Sudan Gyawaly - Effect of winter flooding on navel orangeworm and spider mite infestation in almond orchard
2:30 #115: Hana You - Does incorporating wood chips affect the mircobiome of soil and almond root rhizosphere equally? YM #119: Deidre Jaensch - Almond Centre of Excellence - Australia's experimental and demonstration orchard
2:45 #130: Tommy Fenster - Stacking sustainable practices in almond orchards to create regenerative management systems that increase ecosystem multifunctionality; YM #149: Kathrine Jarvis-Shean - Effects of Rootstocks on Almond Trees Grown in Marginal Boron Conditions 
3:00 #109: Joan Girona i Gomis - Almond tree physiological response to different climatic scenarios, water availability and productive load #17: Michael Coates - Mechanically drying fresh in-hull soft shell almonds in covered stockpiles
3:15 #23: David Doll - The effects of almond hulls and soil amendments on soil physical and chemical properties and microbial communities within mature almond orchards #75: Mohammad Yaghmour - Effect of Almond fruit development stages and leaf nitrogen content on Hull rot caused by Aspergillus niger

3:30 Break and Poster Viewing

Concurrent Session 7: Pests and Diseases Management and Monitoring
  7-A: Almond Pests and Diseases Management and Monitoring
Moderator: Jhalendra Rijal, UC Cooperative Extension
7-B: Pistachio Pests and Diseases Management and Monitoring
Moderator: Elizabeth Fichtner, UC Cooperative Extension
4:00 Keynote
#33: Carlos Agusti Brisach - Emerging diseases of almond crop in southern Spain
#78: Themis Michailides - Two practical techniques to determine presence/absence and levels of Botryosphaeria panicle and shoot blight of pistachio during the dormant season and in the spring
4:15 #43: Manuel Rubio - Californian almond cultivar and rootstock behavior against Plum pox virus  #40: Giorgio Gusella - Compendium of pistachio diseases in Italy; YM
4:30 #85: David Ezra - Sudden decline of almond trees in Israel  #125: Boris Camiletti - Efficacy of fungicides against Alternaria late blight and their effects on resistance levels
4:45 #102: Tonya Wiechel - Hull rot in Australian almond orchards #112: Alejandro Hernandez-Rosas - Investigating rootstock susceptibility and new Oomycota fungicides for the management of Phytophthora crown and root rot of pistachio in California
5:00 #106: Brittany Oswald - The current status of trunk disease in Australian almond orchards; YM #66: Andreas Westphal - Susceptibility and sensitivity of pistachio rootstocks to Pratylenchus vulnus
5:15 #105: Tawanda Maguvu - Comprehensive Phylogenomic and Comparative Genomic Analysis of Pseudomonas syringae associated with almonds In California; YM #162: Joshua Reger - Comparison of novel techniques to trace Amyelois transitella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) to larval host

6:15-7:45 PM Reception and Poster Viewing

Thursday, May 11

Pests and Diseases, Orchard Monitoring, Modeling and Climate Adaptation

8:30 AM Continental Breakfast - coffee, pastries and fruit

Concurrent Session 8: Pests and Integrated Pest Management
  8-A: Almond Pests and Integrated Pest Management
David Haviland, UC Cooperative Extension
8-B: Pistachio Pests and Integrated Pest Management
Houston Wilson, UC Cooperative Extension
9:00 Keynote
#135: David Haviland - California almond production and sustainability: lessons learned through long-term adoption of integrated pest management
#131: Houston Wilson - Development of Sterile Insect Technique for Navel Orangeworm (Pyralidae: Amyelois transitella) in California Tree Nuts
9:15 #94: Beatriz Bielsa - New biomarker approach for RKN resistance in Prunus progenies (continued from above)
9:30 #32: Kadie Britt - Influence of winter cover crops on navel orangeworm in California almond orchards; YM #65: Dylan Tussey - Developing the use of the sterile insect technique for Navel orangeworm (Amyelois transitella) control in California
9:45 #86: Henri Duval - Detection of Volatiles emissions from almond trees and Eletroantennographic (EAG) responses of Eurytoma amygdali End, the almond wasp, to these volatiles #133: Tzu-Chin Liu - A novel marker for navel orangeworm mark-release-recapture research in California tree nuts
10:00 #129: Jhalendra Rijal - Abundance and distribution of hemipteran pests in almond orchards In California  #138: Nathalie Baena Benjarano - Navel orangeworm Amyelois transitella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) behavioral responses to a sex pheromone under rearing conditions for SIT applications; YM
10:15 #137: Kent Daane - Cover crops and trap crops to support biological control of stink bugs and leaffooted bugs  #160: Sarah Meierotto - Evaluating the relationship between pistachio hull degradation and navel orangeworm egg deposition

10:30 Break and Poster Viewing

Concurrent Session 9: Almond and Pistachio Orchard Monitoring, Modeling and Climate Change
Moderator: Brian Bailey

11:00 Keynote #111: Maria Alejandra Ponce de Leon - Modeling orchard performance in response to changes in canopy structure and diffuse solar radiation

11:15 #124: Nicolas Bambach - The Tree-crop Remote sensing of Evapotranspiration eXperiment (T-REX): A science -based path for sustainable water management and climate mitigation

11:30 #113: Maha Mahadevan - Dynamics of chill accumulation in Australian pistachio growing regions

11:45 #8: Joaquim Bellvert - Almond cultivar and rootstock phenotyping for the assessment of crop evapotranspiration by using remote sensing energy balance models

12:00 #107: Francesco Maldera - Spatializing carbon footprint of an almond orchard through a Geographic Information System-based toolbox; YM

12:15 #150: Lars Caspersen - Projecting almond bloom dates in California with the PhenoFlex framework, YM

12:30 #92: Ranjith Karunakaran - Physiological and growth indices for yield prediction and resource management in almond

12:45 Lunch and Poster Viewing

2:15-3:45 Nut Crops Working Group Business Meeting - Giulia Marino, Dept. of Plant Sciences

6:00-8:00 PM Closing Reception with Dinner