Registration/Attendee FAQ's




>> Can I register in person at the event?

No, registration will need to be submitted online prior to the event.



 >> What are demographics for attendees?

Innovate invites attendees on a national and international basis – United States, Canada, and Europe.



>> Who can attend?

Hosted Attendees consist of C-level or decision-making roles in IT and Security from enterprise level organizations.



>> How many people will attend?

We have 120 Hosted Attendees, and 50+ sponsors. Our goal for this event is to continually offer an intimate and exclusive environment, designed to drive important conversations and decisions.



>> How do I become a Hosted Attendee?

This event is an invite-only. You can click here to request an invitation.



>> Can I bring a guest?

Guest passes are only available for our hosted attendees. Sponsors are not

eligable for a guest pass. The cost of a Social Pass for your guest (Adults 21+ only)

is $195 

*You must complete Registration and Process Guest/Spouse Payment for your

Registration to be processed.


Guest Passes include access to:

VIP Activity (if applicable)

Sunday Welcome Reception

Sunday Night Dinner

Monday Guest Coffee Meet & Greet

Monday Old Town Scottsdale Food Tour

Monday Pavilion Happy Hour

Monday Casino Night

Tuesday Pavilion & Raffles 

Tuesday Farewell Dinner at Mummy Mountain


Click here for Guest On-Site Schedule



>> If I cannot attend Innovate in Scottsdale, can I transfer my registration?

Yes, you can transfer your registration to our next Innovate Summit in 2024 or

send another member of your organization if they are approved.



>> How do I justify my attendance to my employer?

To easily aid your justification in attending Innovate to your employer, please contact us for our Hosted Attendee Justification letter here:



>> What meals are included with my pass?

All meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in your pass.



>> Who can attend the Welcome Reception?

Only Hosted Attendees and their guests, sponsors, and Reverse Expo passholders.



>> Can I refer my colleague?

Yes, you can refer to a colleague. You can submit their information in your registration, and we will reach out if they are suitable Hosted Attendee candidates for this event.



>> How do I apply for Continuing Professional Education (CPE)/Continuing Education (CE) credits?

Information to apply for CPE credits will be sent out post event to Hosted Attendees. Attendees will need to put their CISSP number in their registration to receive information.



>> What is a Reverse Expo?

Our unique Reverse Expo model allows quick 5-minute meetings between our sponsors and Hosted Attendees. Attendees will be given a booth, while sponsors line up to have a conversation, with a 5-minute timer. Within 5 minutes, you will get to see if a vendor is a good match.



>> When will I receive my entry badge?

We do not ship conference badges before the event. You will receive your badge upon checking in at the hotel. You will need this badge to access all portions of the event.



>> I have specific dietary restrictions, who do I contact?

During the registration process, you will be asked to list any dietary preferences or restrictions.