Operator Incubator Focus Groups

Tuesday, March 7 | 2:00-5:45pm ET

Working on new product prototypes? Get direct feedback from your target segment buyers through an exclusive 45-minute audience with our Operator Incubator Focus Groups. 

Segments include: Elementary & Secondary Schools, Colleges & Universities, Business & Industry, Healthcare, and Restaurants

Download the Operator Incubator Focus Group brochure >>


Potential Uses for the Focus Groups:

  • Gather feedback on product concept or prototype currently in the innovation funnel
  • Gather feedback on your company’s new product go-to-market strategy and see how it resonates with specific segments
  • Showcase new equipment features to inform your product development strategy
  • Learn what operators from a specific segment are looking for from a company like yours

As part of your focus group during COEX, IFMA will provide:

  • A group of decision-making operators from five segments
  • A room in which to host your private focus group
  • Projection screen and Wi-Fi for presentation

Pricing: $7,500 per 45 min session

For more information, or to schedule an Operator Incubator focus group contact Ellen Devine, VP of Partnerships at 704-798-5560 or partnerships@ifmaworld.com.