David L. Adams Apple Awards



Take home the coolest trophy in college media: your very own (little) Apple. Inspired by the convention’s setting, CMA’s David L. Adams Apple Awards are NYC23’s best-of-show contest.

NEW TO 2023: All entries will need to be submitted by February 24, 2023.

Submitting your Apple Entries
Participants must be registered for NYC23 to enter and all entries are $15 to enter. Only one entry per category per publication. All entries must have been published or broadcast between March 1, 2022 and February 24, 2023. To enter, you'll need to visit this page and select "Apple Awards Submission".

Apple Awards Ceremony
On Saturday, March 11, CMA will hand out its awards, each a gorgeous, two-pound piece of wood, metal and marble. Cheer for your co-workers, yourself and your competition and let’s give college journalists the recognition they deserve.

2023 Categories

Best Crisis Coverage
Best Editorial
Best Magazine (2-year)
Best Magazine (4-year, 1,000-2,999 undergraduates)
Best Magazine (4-year, 10,000 and above undergraduates)
Best Magazine (4-year, 3,000-9,999 undergraduates)
Best Magazine (4-year, under 1,000 undergraduates)
Best Magazine Cover
Best Multi-Media Ad Campaign

Best Multimedia Package
Best Newspaper (2-year)
Best Newspaper (4-year, 1,000-2,999 undergraduates)
Best Newspaper (4-year, 10,000 and above undergraduates)
Best Newspaper (4-year, 3,000-9,999 undergraduates)
Best Newspaper (4-year, under 1,000 undergraduates)
Best Opinion Column
Best Podcast
Best Single-Media Ad

Best Social Media Coverage of a Single Event
Best Web Site (2-year)
Best Web Site (4-year, 1,000-2,999 undergraduates)
Best Web Site (4-year, 10,000 and above undergraduates)
Best Web Site (4-year, 3,000-9,999 undergraduates)
Best Web Site (4-year, under 1,000 undergraduates)
Best Yearbook Cover
Best Yearbook Spread
NYC23 Copy Editing Contest
NYC23 Design Contest