Global Meeting of Associations

Doha, Qatar


About the GMA:
Global Meetings of Associations (GMA) are held every two years. They are organized exclusively for leaders of national, regional and international associations/organizations of higher education institutions. They offer a unique opportunity for these leaders to meet as a relatively small group of peers to exchange ideas, practices and to network.

Host & Partner:
The GMA 2023 is hosted by and organised in partnership with Qatar University.

The GMA is exclusively open to senior representatives from national, regional and international IAU Member associations, organisations and networks. IAU Affiliate Members are also welcome at the GMA.

The GMA will start with a panel composed of representatives from regional and national associations from different regions of the world to frame the theme of intercultural learning and how this is implemented in associations’ work. The participants will then have the opportunity to debate and exchange views and experiences with the panelists and among themselves. At the end of the day the key outcomes of the discussions will be presented in plenary in order to conclude the meeting and outlines the way forward until the next GMA in 2025.


IAU GMA 2019

GMA Programme (25 November 2023):

Programme coming soon.

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors and partners will be announced shortly.