Executive Leadership Programme (ELP)

A global capacity building programme for current and prospective university leaders




About the ELP


The IAU Executive Leadership Programme (ELP) is unique. It is radically global in its ambition to support university leaders across all higher education systems focusing on common issues and challenges. It covers central aspects of higher education management and empowers university leaders to navigate the contextual and political dimensions of university leadership. In short, the ELP provides a framework with which to confront the big managerial, ethical, economic and societal questions universities are facing or will face. The year-long programme will cover 10 modules across HE Management and Transformative and Values-based Leadership. 




  • The Changing Mission of Universities
  • Building Partnerships Across the Global Higher Education Landscape
  • Navigating the Strategic Planning Process
  • Effective Governance, Risk Management, and Oversight
  • Budgeting, Financial Strategy, and Administration
  • Diversifying Income Streams and Fundraising Strategies in Higher Education
  • Creating and Managing Effective Teams
  • Leadership in the Transformation of Higher Education
  • Charting a Sustainable Future for Higher Education
  • Defining and Communicating the Role of Higher Education in Society




Learning Outcomes


- Enhanced Strategic Thinking and Planning: 
Gain a new perspective on different aspects of global higher education to improve scenario thinking for the implications for your current strategy and future plans.

- Understand Your Leadership Capabilities: 
Gain better knowledge of the different dimensions of strategic leadership to become a globally engaged leader of change.

- Develop Effective Teams: 
Explore leadership expectations and improve interpersonal management skills to unlock the full potential of diverse high-performing teams.

- Build a Global Network of Peers: 
Create long-term partnerships, connect with colleagues from all over the world, and share experiences to learn from each other.


Programme Details


- Date: 
25 November 2023 - Autumn 2024. The first session will be held at the IAU 2023 International Conference at Qatar University in Doha.

- Format: 
The ELP will meet in person and online over the course of one year. Each module is complimented by two Action Leadership Groups, separated into current and emerging leaders for true peer-to-peer exchange. 

- Coordinator: 
Dr. Andreas Corcoran, IAU Deputy Secretary General
-Tuition Fees:
IAU Members: €1500
Non Members: €2250
LDC Rate: €1000




Sponsors & Partners