Fall 2022 Program  |  Oct. 23 - Nov. 2

Administrator Leadership Program

AdvantAge Ontario's highly respected leadership course is now available in an engaging and accessible online format!

Now in its 26th successful year, the AdvantAge Ontario Administrator Leadership Program meets Ontario provincial requirements for 100 hours of instruction time in long-term care home administration and management. 

About The Program

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What Our Graduates Are Saying


Knowledge and Tools

"It surpassed my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the program along with the knowledge and tools I gained within the nine days. I'm grateful for the connections I made within the group and encourage others who are willing to take the leap to do so. They will not regret it!!"

2022 Participant


Learn from LTC Experts

"Awesome program!!! More efficient, valuable, and impactful than taking courses in a months-long program. The presenters were experts in their fields and offered a wealth of knowledge. I loved the opportunities to hear their stories and pick their brains for ideas. Thank you so much."

2021 Participant


Best-In-Class Virtual Learning

"I was skeptical heading into such an intense multi-day program. The team knocked it out of the park. One of the most professional, efficiently-run virtual experiences I've had. It's intense, but the adherence to the schedule, timing and tasks is best-in-class."

2022 Participant






Education Sessions



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