(V) = Pre-Recorded Virtual Session Available | Schedule as of 11/17/2022; Subject to change.

Thursday, December 8

Deep Kindness (V)

Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Students and Adults (V)

The Legal Standard of Care and Counselor Negligence: What Your Professors Never Taught You About Lawsuits (V)

Counselors Needed Here Too: Social Media is Nothing to Be Ignored

Exploring Hidden Biases: Cultivating Awareness to Develop Authentic Leadership

Restorative Practice in School Counseling (V)

Get Funding For Your School Counseling Program

Ten Tech Tools to Save You Time

Using Restorative Practices to Build Empathy

It All Begins with Relationships:  Using Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in the Schools

Preparing Students Experiencing Homelessness for Going to College

Balancing Prevention and Responsive Practices: How School Counselors Can Create Safer Environments for All Students (V)

School Counselor Ethics: Our Roles within Current Legislative Acts (V)

Group Counseling for First Generation College Students (V)

Career Development!  The Best Intervention Out There!

3 legacies. Two centuries. One mission. California + Clarion + Edinboro = PennWest University

Moving-On: Departure to Arrival Without Losing Your Luggage

Problem Solving for Problem Behavior: An Equitable and Instructive Approach to Discipline (V)

Real Talk About SEL: Research, Resources, and Results

A Vital Resource: How School Counselors Can Support Families Who Love a Student with Autism (V)

Being Kind to You- How Counselors can Support Their Own Wellness Through Self Compassion (V)

Student Agency: How to Center Student Choice and Voice in Your School (V)

How to pay for college: financial aid overview and the PA FAFSA Go! Campaign (V)

All things ROTC

MTSS: A Game Changer for SC Use of Time (V)

Friday, December 9

Be the Change: The Ethics of Advocacy (V)

An Ethics Overview, Responding to the Top 5 Ethical Challenges for School Counselors

The Road to a RAMP Quality School Counseling Program

PSCA - Zero Suicide in Schools - A New Framework for School Suicide Prevention (V)

Cultural Competency in Grief and Loss (Virtual ONLY)

Tiering LGBTQ+ Support (V)

Someone you Know is Living with Dementia - Supporting Youth through Knowledge and Awareness

PA School Counselor Get SMART with Equity in Computer Science (V)

25 Tips To Survive Year One As A School Counselor

School Counselor Leadership

Using FAFSA Data to Boost Completion Rates

School Counseling Programs: How Creating a Brand Can Truly Define Who You Are (V)

PA Diamond Award

Building Relationships in the High School and Community

BREAK FREE and Fly: A CBT Group Counseling Curriculum for Anxiety

The Sky's the Limit with Administrator Partnerships (V)

The Third Grade Project

The Real Scoop on Paying for College: Students’ and Families’ Expectations vs Reality (Virtual ONLY)

Self-Care through Compassionate Witnessing (V)


Supporting LGTBQ+ Youth
Danielle Campanaro

Promoting Interethnic and Interracial Friendships in the School Setting
Kya Lomax

The Forgotten B: Creating a Culture of "Belonging" for Marginalized Students
Hannah Perry

Motivating Factors for Kindness in High School Youth; Does Observation of Kind Acts Increase Subjective Happiness and Optimism?
Jordan Pettit

Ethical Imperative of Gender-Affirming Language for LGTBQ+ Students
Wynn Phillips

Perfect Strangers Diversity Program
Jaqueline Rocha

Understanding the Self-Care Strategies of Graduate Students in Counseling Programs
Cynthia Vejar


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