Welcome to the UPS Dangerous Goods Webinar Registration Site

Educating your employees on proper handling and shipping of dangerous goods ensures the safety of your workers and increases the efficiency of your business. For this reason, the UPS "Dangerous Goods Webinar" has proven to be a successful and valuable service to many dangerous goods shippers. Benefits of our webinars include:

  • Decreased customer lead times due to reduced shipping delay
  • Greater understanding of how to properly prepare hazardous materials/dangerous goods for transportation
  • Step-by-step learning guide
  • Potential opportunity for cost savings on labor, packaging, marks and labels

When you attend a UPS Webinar, you will receive the most current information available on the proper handling of dangerous goods through the UPS ground and air network. You should attend if you are:

  • A manager directly supervising shipping and/or receiving dangerous goods
  • An employee responsible for preparing dangerous goods packages for transportation
  • A member of the health and safety and/or environmental compliance staff inspecting dangerous good packages prepared for transportation

Course Offerings

49CFR (DOT)Webinar

Webinars for shipments prepared according to U.S. Federal Regulations 49CFR. This two-day webinar covers all aspects of shipping hazardous materials by ground or air within the U.S. and via ground to Canada, including basic terminology, packaging requirements, marking and labeling, documentation, and proper UPS shipping procedures.

DOT and IATA Combined Webinar

This three-day webinar covers all aspects of domestic and international shipping of dangerous goods, including basic terminology, classification, identification, packaging requirements, marking and labeling, documentation, and proper UPS shipping procedures. 

Cost of webinars

49CFR (DOT):  $600.00/per registrant
49CFR/IATA Combo:  $1000.00/per registrant

The registration fee will includes:

  • A current physical copy of all applicable regulations
  • Training materials including workbooks and additional reference material needed to successfully complete the webinar delivered directly to your location of training.
  • Instructors, who are highly experienced subject matter experts with 35+ years of experience, to lead you through the interactive webinar.

       Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations prior to registration close date are subject to a $75 fee. 

  • No refunds for cancellation after webinar registration close date. (Registration closes the Tuesday prior to the webinar start date) Any materials received would have to be shipped back to UPS, a label will be provided.

 Substitutions/Transfer Policy

  • A $25.00 per registrant transaction fee will be applied to all changes (including name substitutions) made to existing registrations.
  • Any registration transfers at ANY time are subject to a $25 transfer fee.