How often do you need to renew training?

It is every two years for IATA and every 3 years for 49 CFR.

How will I receive materials for the class?

Any physical materials needed for the class will be sent via UPS to the address provided in registration. Please be sure to indicate an address that is open to receive shipments. No PO boxes will be accepted.

Does each person need to log in separately for the webinar?

No. If there is a group of people that sign in together for the webinar that is acceptable. However, the exam is sent to each registrant individually and expected to be completed on own.

Can you bill my UPS account for the seminar?

No. Unfortunately billing for seminars is handled completely separate from account billing.

How is the webinar presented?

The webinar is presented via Zoom. You can access zoom via the web or your own Zoom account.

Do I need a computer with a microphone and camera?

No. You simply need a computer that has an internet connection. If your device doesn't have a microphone you can call into the webinar via phone. There is no camera required for the webinars. Prior to the webinar you will receive information on how to access the webinar with specific login information.