Dear Friends,‎

We hope you enjoyed our Collaboration Cures 2021 meeting in Atlanta as much as we did!  It is always an ‎honor and a pleasure to learn cutting-edge science, improve patient care, and network together for three ‎full days every year.

We can hardly wait for all of us to be together again for Collaboration Cures 2022 on September 15-18 in ‎beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. If you and your team are going to choose just one meeting to attend next year, ‎you’ll want to make it this one!  Why? Because AAOSH and AAPMD are building on the success of ‎Atlanta and promise to bring you a memorable experience that’s beyond amazing and chock-full of the ‎most highly esteemed presenters, inspiring integrative workshops, and innovative supporters (sponsors) ‎that you’ll find in all of healthcare! The program is designed to meet your needs and give you the ‎opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills and acquire new ones.‎

If that sounds like a big promise, it is! But our program committee welcomes the task.

Collaboration Cures 2022 has adopted the theme Becoming Champions of Science & Clinical Solutions.  ‎Jump on the “early bird special “ before March 31, 2022.‎
‎  ‎
‎As always, our evidence-based presenters will address your needs for up-to-date collaborate-care ‎knowledge and, in response to your requests, we will provide more offerings on practical applications of ‎how to use the science.  We are on a mission to help you become a thought leader in your community, as well as ‎lead a successful practice with a purpose as you guide your patients toward optimal health.

Do you know what to do with a too-well-kept-secret? Tell everyone you know!  Invite your team, ‎your colleagues and all the health care professionals with whom you want to grow your collaborative ‎relationships.  Now more than ever, it’s time to come together…for the health of our patients, our ‎practices, and our world. ‎

See you in Phoenix!  It can’t come soon enough for us!‎

Yours for a healthier future,‎



Dr. Susan Maples
President, AAOSH


Dr. Howard G. Hindin
President, AAPMD





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