Category Key:

Adult Airway & Sleep Disorders, Ora Facial Development GREY Gut Health and Microbiome RED
Behavior Influences, Increasing Health Literacy, & The Psychology of Healing, Opioids, Health Change Behaviors, Brain Health BLUE Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress Management, Nicotine, Nutrition, Diets BEIGE
Brain Health, Alzheimers, Dementia YELLOW Metabolic Health, Diabetes, Stroke, Alzheimers PURPLE
Building A Successful Collaborative Cures Practice ROYAL BL Pediatric Health, Airway, Sleep Disorders & Breathing, Pediatric Immune System LIGHT GREEN
Cancer & Autoimmune Disorders, Dermatology Issues LT. GREY Periodontal Disease and Biofilm Diseases of The Mouth, Caries, Gut, Pregnancy, Saliva GREEN
Cardiovascular Health, Hypertension, CIMT scans, Lipids, Inflammation ORANGE Success for The Oral Systemic Practice BLACK
Environmental Influences, Pollutants, Heavy Metals, Mold, Drug Interactions, Vaccines PINK Women's Health NAVY
Genetics, Methylation, Mitochondrial Health, Detox LT. PINK    


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