Speaker FAQ

Speaker FAQs

Do I need to register as a speaker? 

Yes! If you are speaking at the conference (pre-recorded or face-to-face) you will need to register. 

Is there a PPT template I should use? 

You're welcome to download the general CTE PowerPoint template here.

What if I need help during a session?

Send an email to cteschelp@gmail.com

Pre-Recorded Video FAQ

How do I access the pre-recorded sessions?

In order to launch your virtual session(s), you will need to be logged into the virtual event lobby. This will be active July 11, 2022 . 

What format should I send a pre-recorded video in?

Please send an mp4 to Danielle Rivenbark at danielle.rivenbark@dpi.nc.gov no later than June 30, 2022.

Pre-recorded Speaker Best Practices

Please take an opportunity to review the speaker best practices with tips on:
  • Webcam Positioning
  • Lighting, Audio, and Presentation 
  • Speaker Expectations
  • Pre-Session Checks and Process

Best Practices PDF


Face-to-face FAQ

Where is my session located? 

Please use the conference app to confirm the location of your session.

What audio/visual equipment will be provided?

Each room will have a projector, screen, and microphone. If you need to play sound or a video during your presentation please email danielle.rivenbark@dpi.nc.gov no later than June 15, 2022.