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Continuing Education Credit FAQs

Q: What types of continuing education credits will be available during Employee Benefits Summit (EBS)?
A: We will offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit and Certified Church Administrator (CCA) Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Q: What is CPE credit?
A: Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit is a requirement for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) designed to help maintain their competency and skill sets as providers of professional services. As part of ongoing requirements to maintain the CPA designation, CPAs must meet all the regulations set by the state in which they are registered.

Q: What is CCA CEU credit?
A: A continuing education unit (CEU) is a measurement that demonstrates a participant’s lifelong learning and commitment to professional growth through continuing education. CEUs are the measure required by The Church Network for Certified Church Administrators. CEUs may be earned by anyone and help ministry individuals retain their designation(s) as certified leaders in the church profession. For more information, please visit The Church Network website.

Q: How many CPE credits will be available?
A: Seven CPE credits will be available for CPAs.

Q: How many CCA CEU credits will be available?
A: Nine CCA CEU credits will be available.

Q: To gain CPE credits, what should I do?
A: As you enter the breakout session, fill out the sign-in sheet, pick up a Course Evaluation Form from the session facilitator and submit your completed Course Evaluation Form to the registration desk.

Q: To gain CCA CEU credits, what should I do?
A: Please make sure to sign the sign-in sheet as you enter the breakout session room. Following the conference, GuideStone will submit the lists to the Church Network, and they will assign your CEU credit.



CE Credit Submission Form

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